Travel Thought of the Week

Travel Thought

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Adventure quotes always help me remind that the world offers a lot of exciting things to do and explore. There are unknown lands to explore, interesting people to meet, exotic foods to try, and new know-hows to enjoy. When everyday life gets me down, I pack my bag and venture out for an adventure.

Rappelling At Bhongir Fort: An Incomparable Experience!

Rappelling At Bhongir Fort

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Rappelling At Bhongir Fort – Rappelling is a sport which is opposite of rock climbing. It can be described as rock descending and the Rappelling at Bhongir Fort in Hyderabad is one of the most thrilling experiences I have had in my life. Climbing down the egg – shaped fort using a rope was a difficult and a strenuous task, but the feeling of hanging down a rope from such height provided an adrenaline rush and it was something I boasted to all my friends after I returned back home!

Famous Dish of Kolkata – Bengali Fish Cutlet

Bengali Fish Cutlet

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Bengali Fish Cutlet – Bengali Fish Cutlet or Fish Croquette is an Indian cuisine and is a cutlet that is cooked with fish, spices, lemon and salt. It is then dipped in an egg mixture and then in breadcrumbs, and deep-fried in ghee or vegetable oil. Enjoying this dish as an afternoon snack along with ginger tea simply made my day!

Travel Photo Of The Week : ITC Sonar Kolkata

ITC Sonar Kolkata

ITC Sonar Kolkata

ITC Sonar Kolkata – ITC Sonar has a uniquely sleek contemporary architectural design contrasting and is nestled amidst acres of land, resplendent with mind blowing greenery. This upscale and world class resort has the proficiency of a business hotel and yet maintains the feel of a humble resort. My stay at this hotel has changed my definition of luxury and comfort. Kudos to their efforts!

Happy Republic Day

Republic Day

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The 26th of January is celebrated throughout India as  the Republic Day. The day marks the historic arrival of the Constitution of India into force. It is a national holiday, but many organizations and institutions celebrate the day, by hoisting flags and conducting a few programmes to inculcate the patriotic fervour.

Priceless Moments And Creative Treasure hunt: Things To Do In Kolkata!

Salam everyone! I welcome you all to my blog again. I work in Hyderabad, but I always had some inclination towards Bengali culture and Kolkata. My best friend in school time was a Bengali, and since then I wanted to visit the city of joy. Thankfully, I got an opportunity last month when my same friend invited me for her marriage.

Bengali Culture

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This was the right chance for me not just to get closer to the Bengali customs but I also got a chance to experience some interesting things to do in Kolkata. The wedding celebrations were winded up in just three days, and then I had five days for myself to explore Kolkata completely.

To start with, I wanted to learn some creative things like painting and sketching which was a dream from my childhood days. Thanks to fine art classes at Golpark this dream became reality! These professional people helped me to relive my school times. They charged me 2000 INR which included the art material, some snacks, and taught me many tips and tricks with respect to painting and other artistic stuff. I simply loved it!

Getting closer to Bengali culture

After satiating the hunger of knowledge I wanted to please my stomach which always starts roaring when I see some delicious food and smell something spicy! I wanted to enjoy authentic Kolkatian or Bengali culture. My friend suggested me Kirtana at Nabadwip and there was I the next day itself. Just 650 bucks and wonderful experience of Bengali tradition, their cuisine, their warmth, spirituality and to sum up- inner peace! Religious Kirtana, melodious Bengali music, classic and delicious Prasad items; I didn’t wanted to move away from it. I wish I could get transferred to Kolkata in future.

Dirt biking- a thrill!

Finally, I had just a day left and wanted to experience something adventurous. And my friend told me about dirt biking in Kolkata. I browsed for some information regarding it and found Mo-bike at Lauhati. It was simply wow! I would say it was a perfect combination of speed and power. The cost was 612 INR, which included safety gear, mobike and complete instructions from the experts.

Dirt Biking in Kolkata

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I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Kolkata; it was one of the perfect trips in my life. I would never miss going to Kolkata if I get a chance in the future!

Famous Dish of kolkata – Chinese Pork Roll Kolkata

Chinese Pork Roll Kolkata

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I love Kolkata and majorly because I’m a foodie. One can always find the roads to be filled with street snacks and Chinese pork roll is one of my must have’s, if I’m visiting the city. The aroma and the flavour they bring is next to none. Also, the authenticity of the Chinese dish makes it even more interesting and fulfilling. Do try I, if you happen to visit the city.

Travel Thought of the Week – Aldous Huxley

Travel Thought - Aldous Huxley

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The quote holds quite true. Sometimes we may have wrong impressions about various countries, due to an untrustworthy media source or some other means. But only when someone travels and looks beyond the borders does one realize that the other side is just as beautiful. Travelling changes perceptions and purifies emotions.

Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year

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This year has been a great year for me on both personal and professional fronts. I travelled several places in and around Hyderabad which I missed on for the past few years. As 2016 is just a few days away, I wish everyone a very healthy and prosperous new year 2016.

Wish you a Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

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May the Jingle bells of Christmas ring the songs of Joy and love in every heart and may the Lord bless our home with tons of happiness. Happy Christmas! I have a lot of Christian friends and we celebrate this festival with great joy every year!