Rappelling At Bhongir Fort: An Incomparable Experience!

Rappelling At Bhongir Fort

Rappelling At Bhongir Fort | Image Resource :

Rappelling At Bhongir Fort – Rappelling is a sport which is opposite of rock climbing. It can be described as rock descending and the Rappelling at Bhongir Fort in Hyderabad is one of the most thrilling experiences I have had in my life. Climbing down the egg – shaped fort using a rope was a difficult and a strenuous task, but the feeling of hanging down a rope from such height provided an adrenaline rush and it was something I boasted to all my friends after I returned back home!

Priceless Moments And Creative Treasure hunt: Things To Do In Kolkata!

Salam everyone! I welcome you all to my blog again. I work in Hyderabad, but I always had some inclination towards Bengali culture and Kolkata. My best friend in school time was a Bengali, and since then I wanted to visit the city of joy. Thankfully, I got an opportunity last month when my same friend invited me for her marriage.

Bengali Culture

Bengali Culture | Image Resource :

This was the right chance for me not just to get closer to the Bengali customs but I also got a chance to experience some interesting things to do in Kolkata. The wedding celebrations were winded up in just three days, and then I had five days for myself to explore Kolkata completely.

To start with, I wanted to learn some creative things like painting and sketching which was a dream from my childhood days. Thanks to fine art classes at Golpark this dream became reality! These professional people helped me to relive my school times. They charged me 2000 INR which included the art material, some snacks, and taught me many tips and tricks with respect to painting and other artistic stuff. I simply loved it!

Getting closer to Bengali culture

After satiating the hunger of knowledge I wanted to please my stomach which always starts roaring when I see some delicious food and smell something spicy! I wanted to enjoy authentic Kolkatian or Bengali culture. My friend suggested me Kirtana at Nabadwip and there was I the next day itself. Just 650 bucks and wonderful experience of Bengali tradition, their cuisine, their warmth, spirituality and to sum up- inner peace! Religious Kirtana, melodious Bengali music, classic and delicious Prasad items; I didn’t wanted to move away from it. I wish I could get transferred to Kolkata in future.

Dirt biking- a thrill!

Finally, I had just a day left and wanted to experience something adventurous. And my friend told me about dirt biking in Kolkata. I browsed for some information regarding it and found Mo-bike at Lauhati. It was simply wow! I would say it was a perfect combination of speed and power. The cost was 612 INR, which included safety gear, mobike and complete instructions from the experts.

Dirt Biking in Kolkata

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I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Kolkata; it was one of the perfect trips in my life. I would never miss going to Kolkata if I get a chance in the future!

Coorg Resorts: Literal Paradises Amidst The Breathtaking Scenic Views!

Hello, This is Afreen Shaikh from Andhra Pradesh, an account executive by profession. Since my job gets so monotonous, I usually take these little breaks .This time, I decided to go to Coorg via Bangalore. I discovered Bangalore, is the city with a cool climate, because it’s situated at a place equidistant from the shores and also the elevation does a great deal for its climate. I travelled from here to Coorg which is 238 Km by road, taking just 6 hours.

Tea plantations in Coorg

Tea plantations in Coorg | Image Resource :

I had decided to save and go for a luxury trip and selected the Old Kent Spa and Resort, a 200 acre property. As I entered this coorg resort, surrounded by lovely coffee plantation I was struck by its British Colonial style of architecture. I was pleased with the large villas. The breakfast was pleasant a mixture of Coorg and British cuisine. Sitting in the lush property I watched the varieties of birds and the flora and fauna. The bathrooms were a dream with lovely English type of bath-tubs.

Old Kent Spa and Resort

Old Kent Spa and Resort | Image Resource :

Old Kent Spa and Resort Room

Old Kent Spa and Resort Room | Image Resource :

Coorg Resorts: The Verdant Green Environment Spiced With Luxury

The next I decided to go in for The Windflower Resorts and Spa, as I felt once I am here I need to have the pleasure of visiting it. Spread over a 25 acres of land the large airy 44 rooms had the sun filtering in with the coffee plantation and verdant greenery all around. The towering teakwood and rosewood trees, around the pool were such a pleasant scene.

The Windflower Resorts and Spa

The Windflower Resorts and Spa | Image Resource :

Having a riverside murmuring next to my room which is on stilts was my dream which I realized, the next day at Meriyanda Nature Resort. The stylish stone and wooden bathroom with a spacious bedroom along with a deck offering the breathtaking view of Coorg was fascinating. The trek to the water fall was enchanting, from this Coorg Resort. Similarly I checked out the Heritage resorts, where the pool had no chlorine and the meal I had, used the spice from the organic garden within its precincts.

Meriyanda Nature Resort

Meriyanda Nature Resort | Image Resource :

On my last day I casually checked out the Serene Woods, and was completely taken up by the unique nature get-away. The evening bonfire, the treks and bird-watching was something which I promised myself next time.

Serene Woods

Serene Woods | Image Resource :

Belur Math- A Place That Has Spiritualism In Its Air!

Belur Math

Belur Math | Image Resource :

I am a keen follower of Swami Vivekananda and Ramakrishna right from my childhood days. And till date, I love reading their books. And when we are in Kolkata, why not visit their own place. So, the day was dedicated to them and we took a cab to this spiritual place. It took about two hours for us to reach the place.

Belur Math Interiors

Belur Math Interiors | Image Resource :

Statue of Ramakrishna Paramhansa within the temple shrine

Statue of Ramakrishna Paramhansa within the temple shrine | Image Resource :

What a serene atmosphere! It was pure and magical. There was tranquillity all over the place, and we came across many disciples of Ramakrishna who were friendly enough to help us check out every corner of the entire place. There was a vast history of this place, and one of the devotees was gentle to share the knowledge that he had.

We came across many small and big temples here besides Sri Ramakrishna temple; they were Old shrine, room of Swami Vivekananda, Holy Mother temple, Swami Brahmananda temple, Samadhi enclosure, Old Math, museum of Ramakrishna, and many more. Every temple still had the essence of those great people who left with us their teachings.

We even purchased few books of Ramakrishna and Vivekananda as their teachings will help us to turn our souls into a pure form. The entire area of Belur Math has an appeal which can transform an individual automatically. Well, I can say that the air of this place is so spiritual that anyone can get attracted to it. A trip to Kolkata is incomplete without visiting this place.

There is one more thing which I would like to mention, it is that I found many widows in white sarees both old and young at the outer vicinity of the shrine. Upon asking, I came to know that there are many widow ashrams in Belur where the women have given their entire lives in the name of spirituality. It was an astounded experience for both of us.

Widows at Belur Math

Widows at Belur Math | Image Resource :

It was afternoon by then, our time to leave. We didn’t want to move out from the place as there was some natural pull that we felt here. Nevertheless, even good things have an end and our cab was waiting to take us to our next destination- Marble Palace.

A Day Dedicated To Science At The Science City, Kolkata

I planned my next day to visit the most popular Science City of Kolkata. I and my Friend Anita were always fascinated with various aspects of science, and after a long time we had the opportunity to come closer to it. The transport facility of Kolkata is not just convenient but cheap as well. And we preferred to use it to visit the science city as well.

It is situated in East Kolkata, and the place is ideal for people who are lovers of Science. We started from our place at 9 am and it took about 40 minutes to reach the place. The museum is known to be one of the best science museums of our nation.

It is a pleasant park, and at the same time provides immense knowledge about the technology and science. In addition to this, I enjoyed every aspect of the museum and took a lot of pictures of the exhibitions maintained there. The best thing about the place was that everyone had glowing places and they were keenly interested in grabbing knowledge, irrespective of the age group they belonged.

Science City Kolkata

Science City Kolkata | Image Resource :

The museum is surrounded with lawns and lush trees, and the main spots to check out are Dinosaurs Alive, Life in Water, World of insects and reptiles, Butterfly corner, Space flight, Musical fountain, and many more. Personally, I liked the Fountain and butterfly corner. I thank the founders of the place to provide us a chance to get to know science more practically.

The visitors can enjoy the day easily as the entire auditorium is air conditioned and has advanced audio video equipment to give the best feel to the audiences. I was surprised that 2215 seats were available in the auditorium. Such a vast place!

With just few bucks, one can see, hear, and feel science in the museum. I would request all my readers to visit Science city when they are in this joy metropolitan. We spent the entire day at the place, and it was evening when we left the museum to reach our hotel. We both were tired and wanted to have a relaxing time the next day.

Travel Photo Of The Week : Rabindra Sarovar Kolkata

Rabindra Sarovar Kolkata

Rabindra Sarovar Kolkata | Image Resource :

Rabindra Sarovar Kolkata – This lake in the middle of the city transports you from a busy bustle to a nice calm environment. There are small rowing boats and paddle boats for 100 rupees that can be rented if needed. This place looks magnificent during the sunset and it is highly advised to visit at this time!

Travel Photo Of The Week : Swami Vivekanad’s Ancestral House Kolkata

Swami Vivekanad's Ancestral House Kolkata

Swami Vivekanad’s Ancestral House Kolkata | Image Resource :

Swami Vivekanad’s Ancestral House Kolkata – This exquisite museum and cultural house was a sure shot eye opener. This place also feeds hungry children and students all year around. If you want to travel back in time, to a simpler life such as that of the 19th century, you are surely in the right place! Was lovely to see humanity working and winning for a change!

Victoria Memorial Hall Kolkata- A Striking Example Of British Architecture

After visiting the Millennium Park and Eden Gardens Stadium on our second day in Kolkata, I woke up with a fresh mind and energetic mood. I had heard a lot about the touch of British architecture in Kolkata, and one of the best representatives of British architecture is the Victoria Memorial.

I had already Googled the timings of visiting this memorial. The memorial comprises of a garden and a museum. While the museum remains closed on Mondays, but the garden remains open for public all through the day. Fortunately, it was not Monday. We were ready by 9 in the morning, and all set to leave the hotel room.

Again, the hotel guy arranged the same cab for us, and we took no time to hop inside the cab. The day was pleasant, and the level of humidity was moderate; perfect enough to roam under the sun. Within 20 or 30 minutes we reached out destination. It was 9:45 in the morning, and the gates were open for the garden.

Victoria Memorial Hall Kolkata

Victoria Memorial Hall Kolkata | Image Resource :

As I approached the entry ticket stall, the information written on the top of the stall became readable. The garden remains open from 5:30 in the morning till 6:15 in the evening. On the other hand, the timing for the museum is 10 from the morning till 5 in the evening. I purchased two tickets, each of 20 INR. The amount covers the entry fee for the museum and garden as well.

Without any doubt, the memorial looked absolutely beautiful and stunning. The white marble used for the construction of memorial was adding more beauty to the structure. The inside part of the memorial that is the museum encompasses wide range of objects, particularly from the pre-Independence phase of India.

It was the year 1921 when this memorial was constructed, and it was devoted to the memory of none other than Queen Victoria. The collection size of nearly 30,000 items is definitely quite massive. It took us more or less two hours to check out the entire museum. The garden was absolutely beautiful and comprised of many valuable trees, and some of them were a century old.

Mesmerized By The Massiveness Of Eden Gardens Stadium Kolkata

After checking out the serene environment of Millennium Park in the Strand Road, we decided to explore our next destination. But before that we needed to power up our body. So, after having something from a restaurant located close to the park, we hired a yellow taxi, which is perhaps one of the iconic symbols of Kolkata, and headed towards Eden Gardens Stadium.

The distance between Millennium Park and the Cricket stadium is not too much. The roads were quite broad and the traffic was moderate. So, it took the driver about 10 minutes to take us to the entry gate of Eden Gardens cricket stadium. From outside, I had no idea how this huge stadium would look. I knew the fact that this stadium is the largest cricket stadium in India; and, it holds third position in the list of largest cricket grounds in the world.

Eden Gardens Stadium Kolkata

Eden Gardens Stadium Kolkata | Image Resource :

Fortunately, the gates of Eden Gardens stadium remain open for the visitors all through the week. The gates open at 9 in the morning and close at 6 in the evening. Located in BBD Bagh, this stadium has always been one of the prime representatives of Kolkata. Again, there was no entry fee for getting inside the station. However, one of the guards was a bit hesitant about letting us inside.

We requested him couple of times and a little amount of money provided us the way to get inside the stadium. As I went inside, my mouth was left open. The stadium is so huge that it becomes absolutely difficult to spot people on the other side.

I was able to gobble some quick facts during the exploration. For instance, the stadium was established in the year 1864. The present capacity of Eden Gardens is 60,000. However, in some instances the number of audience had passed the figure of one lakh.

Moving around the stadium was certainly an unforgettable experience for me as well as for Anita. It took about an hour to explore the stadium. After taking some selfies, we hired a cab and headed straight to our hotel. No doubt, we were quite tired.

Travel Photo Of The Week : St Paul’s Cathedral Kolkata

St Paul's Cathedral Kolkata

St Paul’s Cathedral Kolkata | Image Resource :

St Paul’s Cathedral Kolkata – The sounds and acoustics in this massive church was my favourite part. There is a nice garden right before you enter the huge doors of the church that is a perfect place to take some pictures. If you are looking to find solace, look no further! The overall environment here was brilliant!