Famous Dish of Kolkata – Bengali Fish Cutlet

Bengali Fish Cutlet

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Bengali Fish Cutlet – Bengali Fish Cutlet or Fish Croquette is an Indian cuisine and is a cutlet that is cooked with fish, spices, lemon and salt. It is then dipped in an egg mixture and then in breadcrumbs, and deep-fried in ghee or vegetable oil. Enjoying this dish as an afternoon snack along with ginger tea simply made my day!

Famous Dish of kolkata – Chinese Pork Roll Kolkata

Chinese Pork Roll Kolkata

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I love Kolkata and majorly because I’m a foodie. One can always find the roads to be filled with street snacks and Chinese pork roll is one of my must have’s, if I’m visiting the city. The aroma and the flavour they bring is next to none. Also, the authenticity of the Chinese dish makes it even more interesting and fulfilling. Do try I, if you happen to visit the city.

Luscious Dish of Kolkata – Lobongo Lotika

Lobongo Lotika

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Description – Lobongo Lotika is a traditional Bengali sweet. It is a sweet khoya kheer stuffing in a neatly wrapped envelope of dough that has been bathed in the sugar syrup which is sealed with a clove or two. As you bite into it, the sweet crispy crust takes you to a soft moist succulent kheer with a lingering flavor and freshness of clove that fills your senses.

Famous Dish of Kolkata – Dahi Phuchka

Dahi Phuchka

Dahi Phuchka | Image Resource :

Description – Phuchka not just a street food, it is at the very core of the food loving community. At every turning of a street you find a Phuchkawala. But, the famous dahi phuchka at Deshapriyo Park is a real treat for your senses. The spice, the aroma and a mouthful of delight that can make you forget everything else. No one can resist it.

Photo Of The Week : Goan Fish Fry

Goan Fish Fry

Goan Fish Fry | Image Resource :

Goan Fish Fry – One of the truly delicious dishes from the Goan Cuisine is the Goan Fish Curry. I love it so much because it is a perfect combination of the French cooking with the local Konkan twist to it. it is like a cracker in the mouth and is perfect with Roti and Rice.

Light summer food

Summer season, time to go out sun bathing, enjoy beach parties and relaxation. Along, with pleasure the season brings in tanning, dehydration, heat and hot air. Especially, cites which have no coastal line suffer extreme rough climate.  There are certain things which we can do to keep our self-fit. Drink ample of water, eat more fruits and light food. Here, is one of my favourite summer recipe – Tamarind Rice.

Most light to eat and easy to cook.  These tangy rice are quiet popular in Southern India and taste the best when eaten with cool curd.


300ml (2 cups) basmati rice.
150 ml (½ cup) tamarind juice.
½ tsp. – jaggery, turmeric in powdered form.
1tsp. fenugreek seeds, Chana dal, peanuts and mustard.
2 – Round red chilli balls, dried red chili sticks.
Handful curry leaves and coriander.

Tamarind Rice

Tamarind Rice | Image Resource :


– Take rice, add water and pressure cook them.
– Take a deep pan, add oil, fenugreek seeds, asafoetida, Chana dal, peanuts and chilies dry fry all for 2 mins.
– Add the powders to the tamarind juice and give a boil till it becomes a thick gravy.
– The take the seasoning prepared, add the gravy and mix both with rice.
–  Heat rice for 3 mins after mixed and serve with cold curd.

Famous Food of Kanyakumari – Avial


Avial | Image Resource :

Description – We friends made a trip to Kanyakumari, the beach where 3 seas meet and an important tourist destination down south. It was lunch time and we hopped into a restaurant and asked for their speciality dish..lo! here comes avail and hot steam cooked rice! It was a delicious mix of different vegetables like elephant yam, carrot, cucumber, mango, drumstick and the only word to describe this side dish is SUPERB!

Famous Dish of Kanyakumari : Meen Kolambu

Meen Kolambu

Meen Kolambu | Image Resource :

Description – While we were hanging around Kanyakumari we decide to have some food. We ordered Meen Kolambu Dish Kanyakumari. This is a very popular dish in South India. The specialty of this dish is coconut, special spices and fish. We had three different Kolambu dishes – Vanjaram, Palm firt, and Paarai.

Mouthwatering Dish of Kanyakumari : Masala Dosa

Kanyakumari Style Masala Dosa

Kanyakumari Style Masala Dosa | Image Resource :

Description – If someone enjoys South Indian cuisine, he is sure to be pleased to have the typical Kanyakumari Masala Dosa. It is a filling snack. The Dosa is filled with Potato filling and the rolled dosa is served with Chutney and Sambhar. I can never resist this lovely South Indian snack.

Favourite food of Kanyakumari : Coconut Rice Dish

Coconut Rice Dish

Coconut Rice Dish | Image Resource :

Description – I devoured the special Coconut Rice dish from Kanyakumari with such relish. The flavour of coconut made the rice very yummy. I have never come across a South Indian dish which is so delicious and tempting. I also noted the recipe for this dish which I may shortly share on my blog.