Priceless Moments And Creative Treasure hunt: Things To Do In Kolkata!

Salam everyone! I welcome you all to my blog again. I work in Hyderabad, but I always had some inclination towards Bengali culture and Kolkata. My best friend in school time was a Bengali, and since then I wanted to visit the city of joy. Thankfully, I got an opportunity last month when my same friend invited me for her marriage.

Bengali Culture

Bengali Culture | Image Resource :

This was the right chance for me not just to get closer to the Bengali customs but I also got a chance to experience some interesting things to do in Kolkata. The wedding celebrations were winded up in just three days, and then I had five days for myself to explore Kolkata completely.

To start with, I wanted to learn some creative things like painting and sketching which was a dream from my childhood days. Thanks to fine art classes at Golpark this dream became reality! These professional people helped me to relive my school times. They charged me 2000 INR which included the art material, some snacks, and taught me many tips and tricks with respect to painting and other artistic stuff. I simply loved it!

Getting closer to Bengali culture

After satiating the hunger of knowledge I wanted to please my stomach which always starts roaring when I see some delicious food and smell something spicy! I wanted to enjoy authentic Kolkatian or Bengali culture. My friend suggested me Kirtana at Nabadwip and there was I the next day itself. Just 650 bucks and wonderful experience of Bengali tradition, their cuisine, their warmth, spirituality and to sum up- inner peace! Religious Kirtana, melodious Bengali music, classic and delicious Prasad items; I didn’t wanted to move away from it. I wish I could get transferred to Kolkata in future.

Dirt biking- a thrill!

Finally, I had just a day left and wanted to experience something adventurous. And my friend told me about dirt biking in Kolkata. I browsed for some information regarding it and found Mo-bike at Lauhati. It was simply wow! I would say it was a perfect combination of speed and power. The cost was 612 INR, which included safety gear, mobike and complete instructions from the experts.

Dirt Biking in Kolkata

Dirt Biking in Kolkata | Image Resource :

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Kolkata; it was one of the perfect trips in my life. I would never miss going to Kolkata if I get a chance in the future!

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