Flea Market Goa – A Heaven for Good Bargainers

The Flea market is 15 km away from the Aguada Fort. It took me 25 minutes to reach there because in the middle I had stopped at a roadside shop to buy water and a sunscreen cream for me. Both of them proved to be vital for the day as it was getting hotter. I reached there at around 11.40 am. The Flea market is located at Anjuna beach in Goa. This elegant market placed in the northern part of Goa has been functioning since the middle of the 1970s and evolving all the time. At the time of my visit, it covered a large portion of the site behind the southern end of the Anjuna beach. I knew that the Flea market opened for business every Wednesday at 11 am.

anjuna beach

Anjuna Beach | Image Resource :  blog.t2world.com

shopping in goa

Shopping in Goa | Image Resource : indiamarks.com

anjuna flea market goa

Flea Market Goa | Image Resource : indiamike.com

The market was started by hippies for selling their possessions so that they could get some money for returning home. The place has been converted into a great centre of commerce. I could not find many foreign sellers or hippies when I reached the market. I found that most sellers were expert market vendors coming from Rajasthan and other sites in the northern part of India, Nepal, Tibet and other places. The vendors offer all the items that one would normally look for at any local beach market. The tough competition among the vendors enables the people to buy high quality items at tremendously low prices. However, there are many experienced sellers who can force you to spend a lot if you aren’t wise. The market covers a huge area with plenty of shops selling food and cold drinks.

wednesday flea market

Wednesday Flea Market | Image Resource : goa-huts.com

Being a shopaholic I bought many things from the market. I bought a necklace, a handicraft item made of Sandalwood, a t-shirt for my younger brother, fancy bangles for my elder sister and a Kashmiri shawl for my mom. The Flea market Goa was huge and I did not have sufficient time to check every nook and corner of the market. After bargaining for some items at some of the most attractive shops, I left for my next destination, which was the Naval Aviation Museum.

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