Agonda Beach Goa – Site for Peace, Relaxation and Tranquillity

I hired a scooter after leaving the restaurant for reaching my next destination Agonda Beach Goa. It took me 15 minutes to reach Agonda beach. I found the atmosphere at Agonda to be much different from the other Goan beaches.

I knew that Agonda is a great spot for sunbathing, relaxing and swimming, with a comparatively fewer number of tourists. It is a nice and clean beach. The water there seemed a more aggressive than that in the other Goan beaches and therefore, it was not an ideal place for swimming. Agonda is purely a place where you can escape from the hullabaloo of the remaining Goan tourist places. This is the southernmost part of Concana and not all the mobile connections work here. That was an added bonus for those looking forward to a peaceful and relaxed holiday. I learnt that if one needed to party, then he or she could easily reach the Palolem beach, which was just 10 kilometres away.

agonda beach goa

Agonda Beach Goa | Image Resource :

The Agonda beach was very simple and natural. Although the beach offered less fun than Palolem, I could relax a lot, which was necessary after the journey till that point of time. It was about 12.30 pm when I reached the Agonda beach Goa. I saw some sun beds parallel to the sea-line and rented one for me. I saw some local fishermen taking tourists on a Dolphin ride. I jumped from my bed and ran towards those fishermen in order to enjoy the ride. It was undoubtedly one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. I was feeling thrilled after I came back to the beach.

beach agonda goa

Beach Agonda Goa | Image Resource :

Then I went hiking at the hillock after which I was a bit exhausted. I thought of taking a cup of coffee and some snacks at a restaurant nearby. A local man told me about Cabo de Rama, which was just 15 km away from Agonda. I left for Cabo de Rama on my scooter and on my way I had a nice ride through the countryside. The Cabo de Rama is a beautiful fort but I could not spend there much time because it was getting dark and my hotel was quite far from there.

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