Brahmeswar Temple Bhubaneswar- A Blend of Three Styles of Architecture

After exploring the history next day we planned to go the Brahmeswar Temple which is one of the oldest temples in this place. The temple is situated a kilometers from the Lingaraja Temple so after worshipping Lingaraja Temple we planned to take a walk as we all choose budget traveling and enjoy walking.

We reached the Brahmeshwar temple after a small walk of kilometers. On the way we all enjoyed the surroundings. The temple is constructed with Iorn beams and the deity here is the Lord Shiva.

The temple is designed with three styles of structures rekha, pidha and khakhara. The First  structure has two components consists of convex curvilinear spire the sanctum. It is generally known as the deul and bada deul. Rekha deul gives an optical impression of straight and continues line. It towers above the sanctum and has Lord Shiva’s image. The entrance is the assembly hall which is known as the Jagamohana, or pidha deul. It is designed like stepped pyramidal shaped roof.

Brahmeswar Temple Bhubaneswar

Brahmeswar Temple Bhubaneswar | Image Resource :

The temple is beautifully designed and it has three or four dance halls. The Khakhara is the elongated roof which covers the dance halls and hall of offering. The outer side of the temple decorated with sculptures of birds, animals, humans, floral patterns and hieratic deities,.

I was really wondered to know that more than 500 temples exists in Bhubaneswar where some are famous and built during 7 to 9th century.  Some of the other significant temples in this place are Parasuramesvara and Vaital Deul, Muktesvara, Rajarani and  Lingaraja,  Ananta Vasudeva, Meghesvara and the Yamesvara,

We roamed around the temple for more than 3 to four hours. For a past few days, it was very hectic and we were fully engaged with visiting places and traveling. The condition was such that we were very tired and wanted retire to our rooms early. Moreover, we walked a lot in the morning wo we planned to come back to our rooms and take rest. In the night we were talking about the beauty of the temple and all about other 500 temples in this place where beauty of nature and tradition co-exists. My busy schedules did not allow me to stay there for long.

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