Nandi Hills Bangalore – Miraculous Scenic Beauty

Our tour from Hyderabad to Bangalore was proceeding very well. The journey so far has been interesting and mesmerizing. From Hebbal Lake, my cousin and I decided to travel to Nandi Hills Bangalore by a hired car. An ancient fortress on the hills of southern India, it is located at a distance of 60 km from Bangalore. Amrita Sarovar nestles in between this hill ranges and at present is treated as a famous health resort, which is quite a retreat for the getaways.  The horticulture department maintains a beautiful garden for the tourists.

Nandi Hills Bangalore

Nandi Hills Bangalore | Image Resource :

 Tipu’s Drop is another popular site.  Tipu-Sultan threw his prisoners to death from here. Horse Way is a doorway in the fort, where the soldiers used to climb the walls on the horse back. There is also a secret passage that helped the kings to escape at the times of attack. There are many temples situated here like the temples dedicated to Sri Ugra Narasimha and Sri Yoga Narasimha on the top of the hills and at the lower hills is a temple dedicated to Sri Bhoga- Narasimha. One can also see vineyards spread on these hills. September to May is the correct time to visit this hill station because participation of all sorts of sports was possible during this time. I took part in a few of the adventure sports.

Bangalore Nandi Hills

Bangalore Nandi Hills | Image Resource :

While paragliding, it looked as if I was a free bird flying and soaring across valleys and hills and the experience was unequal to any. We also participated in the trekking and it also turned out to be an amazing venture. Small shops selling different food items could be seen at the top of the hills. Being a foodie I tried the different snacks and cold drinks, which were available. I had never seen so many monkeys together at any single place, besides the zoo, and they were very naughty ones because no food item was safe from their wandering hands.

The sunrise and sunset were spell bounding and the cool breeze seemed to be hugging us. The Nandi Hills Bangalore has proved to be a very popular picnic spot and hangout for everyone. It was a superb short trip, where the scenic beauty was miraculous.

View from Nandi Hills

View from Nandi Hills | Image Resource :

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