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Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary Goa – A Great Sanctuary of Animals

The Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary Goa is one of the most popular tourist places around. The forest of this sanctuary is very unique because of the fact that it has a multistoried fauna. I left from the hotel early in the day as the sanctuary is located quite far away at the border between Goa and Karnataka. The ride to the sanctuary was a pleasant one. On reaching the sanctuary, I was quite surprised at the healthy turnout there. The guards of sanctuary welcomed us.

Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary Goa
Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary Goa
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Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary
Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary
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The sanctuary is an ideal place for a day trip. Being a nature lover, I really enjoyed myself at the heart of nature. The flora of the sanctuary is totally amazing. It was totally a photographer’s treat. I took a many photographs of the various kinds of plants and animals I spotted. I saw a number of animals of various species. The monkeys were the most widely present animals. A couple of wild boars crossed my path. I really enjoyed the ride through the forest. The scenic beauty of the park was very good and grabbed anyone’s attention. The main highlight of the trip was climbing the watch tower of the sanctuary. I spotted a herd of gazelle drinking water in the water hole near the tower. The lucky visitors get to see panthers from the tower.

Cotigao Wildlife
Cotigao Wildlife Goa
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The Nature Interpretation Center was a very good place to visit in the sanctuary. I gained a lot of valuable knowledge about wildlife as well as plants. The staff at the center spoke to me about the sanctuary in general. There are facilities for the visitors to spend a night at the sanctuary. It would have been really an exhilarating experience had I been able to stay back. However, my plans were different. The Forest Department has done an exceptional job in order to protect the flora and fauna present at the Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary Goa. The conservation practices are on in full swing. It was a very good trip indeed. The driver gave us certain added information on my way back to the hotel. It was a very fulfilling day of my trip.