Travelling From Secunderabad To Howrah- A Pleasant Experience!

For me, life has always been an exciting trip. I am Afreen Shaikh from Hyderabad, and I am like any other girl of this wonderful city. Travelling to new places being one of my favorite hobbies, I have explored most of the regions in the southern part of India. For this reason, I decided to select something different this time.

I have always been quite fond of sweets, and don’t know why I had this old desire to visit Kolkata. Accompanied with my best friend Anita, we decided to explore the new and decades old elements of Kolkata.

Falaknuma Express

Falaknuma Express | Image Resource :

Though there are a couple of trains that connect Hyderabad and Kolkata, we preferred Falaknuma express, based on its reputation of being on time. In order to be on the safe side, I made the reservations at least a month before, because it is preferred by most of the travelers. In fact, sometimes it becomes difficult to get confirmed tickets even a month before the date of journey.

Finally the day of journey arrived, and I was absolutely thrilled, so was Anita. We were at the Secunderabad railway station. The departure time of Falaknuma was 4PM, and the train with empty coaches arrived at the platform about 30 minutes before the time of departure. Soon we maneuvered our luggage through the crowed and found our 3AC coach, B1.

The coach was quite clean, and it made us feel that Falaknuma is perhaps the best option from the available Hyderabad Kolkata trains. The train departed exactly on time, and thus our 24-hours journey began. Fortunately, both of us got the lower berth and the other passengers were quite decent enough. Staff members of the train’s pantry car showed up quite often, with snacks and other food items.

The sun went down in an hour or two, and we embarked on our 1545 kilometers journey. I was definitely excited to see the Victoria Memorial, Howrah Bridge, and other beautiful elements of Kolkata. We slept and read books throughout the journey, and finally it was 6pm, the next day and the train arrived at one of the platforms in Howrah station.

Chugging Down the Tracks From The Twin City To Old Forts of Raipur!

Though being an account executive is fun and thrilling I, Afreen Sheikh do require time away from work to clear my mind and relax myself from my daily routine. Historic sites have an effect on you that could leave you mesmerized throughout your life. It gives the adrenaline rush that especially the Y-Generation craves for. Living in a world of technology and revolutionized artifacts, it definitely is pleasing to the mind to be present among the simpler times and their lifestyles.

And So I have chosen to visit the capital city of the once Mogul empire- Raipur, the capital district of the state of Chhattisgarh. Planning my event was very easy with the mobile booking app. I booked my tickets in the SC DBG SPECIAL train using the TRAVEL APP on my phone. This particular train takes me right from the Secunderabad Junction to the Darbhanga Junction via Ranchi. This journey lasts for almost two days, which is the exact adventure one needs before the start of the tour.

SC DBG Special Train

SC DBG Special Train | Image Resource :

Along The Tracks Of Raipur

Raipur is a district in the Chhattisgarh state of India and is also its capital city. It is famed to have existed since the 9th century as a very vital part of the Dakshina Kosala Kingdom and later a part of the Mauryan Empire. The ruins of the Raipur Fort still stand to be seen and witnessed by people all over the world. The city of Raipur has seen more royalty and ancient historical artifacts than most cities in India.

Raipur gets its name from King Ramachansra’s son BrahmadeoRai after it was constructed. It is also known as the “Rice Bowl Of India”, as hundreds of varieties of Rice are grown here. Located nearer to the middle of a large plain, Raipur is also covered by dense forests along the southern side. With the Maikal Hills along the northwestern range and the Mahanadi River on the east, the city of Raipur is one to marvel at.

Extremely well connected to the other northern and central cities of India, Raipur has been provided with classic railway lines as well as well-maintained National Highway Roads. With its famous international cricket stadium, wildlife sanctuary, the memorial museum, art gallery and more, Raipur is a fun filled city and I just can’t wait to start off my adventure.

Superfast Train Travel from Secunderabad to Mumbai

Hello all. This is the blog post where I will be sharing my travel experience with you all to my trip to Mumbai. After a long time I got some time off from my work schedule to plan a trip with my family to Mumbai. It was a much needed break as the month of March is a big stress for any accounts executive.

So I decided to take some days off from this work schedule and go for a short travel to Mumbai. Mumbai has always been one of my favourite destinations to visit, so I was happy that this time I will get time to visit all the places I always wished to visit.

The distance of Mumbai from Hyderabad is about 800 kms approximately. There are several ways by which one can travel to Mumbai. The Hyderabad to Mumbai route map is one which is connected by many means of transport.

There are good Volvo buses, a number of Superfast trains and also a highway that connects the two metropolitan cities. I preferred travelling to Mumbai by train. Train travel takes almost 12 hours if you are able to get a booking in one of the Superfast trains between the two cities.

I had booked the tickets for all of us in the Duronto express (12220). The train departs from the Secunderabad Junction (SC) at 11:05 PM in the night. We had reached the Secunderabad station after having our dinner at 10:30. The excitement for the trip started building up.

The platform was full of passengers of our train who were also going to travel to Mumbai. The good thing about Duronto express is that this train doesn’t haveany stoppage between. The train departs from Secunderabad and stops at Lokmanya Tilak terminus (LTT). No intermediate stoppage is in between the two stations.

Lokmanya Tilak terminus

Lokmanya Tilak terminus | Image Resource :

The train departed at right time and we all went to sleep within no time. The train took almost 11:30 hours and by 11 Am in the morning the train reached Lokmanya Tilak Terminus in Mumbai. The train journey was quite comfortable as Duronto Express is a fully AC train.

After getting off at the station we took a taxi to reach our hotel which I had already booked in advance, Hotel Concord galaxy.

My Train Travel from Secunderabad Junction to Bhubaneswar by Falakunama Express – A Time to Cherish Forever

Hello, I am Afreen Shaikh and am yet again sharing with you my experience I have recently with my trip to Bhubaneswar. Life of an account executive is sometimes boring and monotonous, if not for any break. I love to see places enriched with history and I travel to such places with my family or friends. This time planned to visit Bhubaneswar with two of my friends.

Though the destination was a surprise suggestion by my friend, for certain reasons, I loved to travel to Bhubaneswar for its beauty and architecture in structures and environment of the place. No sooner the tickets were booked than we were off to the station and my train travel from Secunderabad junction (SC) to Bhubaneswar (BBS) by Falakunama Express started.

Falakunama Express

Falakunama Express | Image Resource :

We had our travel booked through Orissa travel packages booked through a reliable website, which offered discounts for a budget traveler like me. The train departed from the station at 4 pm, exactly as per the schedule.

The second-class AC in the train offered enough comforts. We were thrilled for we will be together for a week, which otherwise is not possible in a busy schedule. We talked about a lot of things until the train halted in Guntur Junction. Before we reached Vijayawada, we had our dinner, paratha and sabji, which my mother affectionately packed for us.

By then, we felt quite tired and went to sleep. Despite the limited comforts and disturbance by a traveler boarding at Visakhapatnam, I slept well. The morning was quite pleasant and I woke up bit late for the train is scheduled to reach Bhubaneswar only at 10.45.

On reaching Khurda Road junction, we got ready as the next station is Bhubaneswar. My train travel by Falakunama Express from Secunderabad junction (SC) to Bhubaneswar (BBS) was quite relaxing. After a long time, we had a journey together, where we shared our experience and ideas of life and work.

In the next twenty minutes, we were at the Bhubaneswar railway station looking for our cab, which was arranged by the Hotel Excellency, situated at the distance of one kilometer from the station.

Bhubaneswar Railway Station

Bhubaneswar Railway Station | Image Resource :

Train Travel from Hyderabad to Pune by Hussainsagar Express – Getting to Know People and Culture at Close

Working and being independent are the best things I love about my life. Once you start working, you will feel a change among people and in the atmosphere around you. People who used to treat you as a minor and as a child will also talk to you with respect. And when your opinion also gets honoured then the feeling is awesome. I am really enjoying this new phase of my life. Though the work gets a little tedious and monotonous at times but taking breaks in the form of short trips cease the monotony and brings a fresh breath of air.

Hussainsagar Express

Hussainsagar Express | Image Resource :

Thus, this time I planned a holiday with my family to Pune. I have visited several places of India but this place was not touched. And this would also provide me the opportunity to spend some quality time with my family. So I made the reservations of the train travel from Hyderabad to Pune by Hussainsagar Express. I prefer train travels for overnight journey since I can have a comfortable travel and can enjoy the ambience outside during the daytime.

My parents also prefer the train journey as it is more comfortable for them than a bus journey. They say it helps them learn more about people and culture at close. Moreover, they also prefer to have homemade food in the train to the packed ones available outside. So my mom made some nice parathas and chicken and we were all set to board the train with our suitcases and backpacks. The 12702 down Hussainsagar Express was scheduled at 2.45 p.m. from Hyderabad Deccan.

The train journey from Hyderabad to Pune by Hussainsagar Express was a comfortable one in AC three-tier compartment. I love listening to music rocking in the berths of a moving train as it gives a feeling of sitting in a rocking chair. I remember going to my grandpa’s place and sitting on his rocking chair. So I occupied my side upper berth, which is always my choice in the train. It was a nice travel and we reached Pune at 1.10 am and it was very courteous of the hotel The Centurion Inn Pune, which sent the hotel can to receive us at the station.


Train Travel from Hyderabad to Ujjain by Hyb Aii Express – My Respite from a Hectic Life

Life in Hyderabad is exciting, especially with all my friends and family with me. I, Afreen am fortunate to have a steady and flourishing job at 23 years of age and it interests me. But how much the work actually remains interesting after a few years is a debatable question. Sure, it gets monotonous being an account executive dealing with numbers all the time. Hence, from time to time, I go on my little getaways to unwind so that I can return rejuvenated. Thus, it was planned my trip to Ujjain and I preferred the train travel from Hyderabad (HYB) to Ujjain (UJN) by Hyb Aii Express simply because it gave me time to relax in the journey and brace myself for new adventures.

hyb aii express

Hyb Aii Express | Image Credit :

The train was due to depart from the station at 3:15 in the afternoon and I was stuck in my office till 2 finishing my jobs at hand. But I am blessed with such a caring mom who could anticipate these things about me and had everything under control – from my packing to the food that I would carry and the likes. I reached the station on time and paused at the newspaper vendor to pick up a novel of my favorite author. The journey was going to be a long one and I planned to indulge in reading my second passion after travel. The sights and the sounds around the railway station was a familiar one. It made me wonder that I would detest being in a rather organized station, now that I am accustomed to the chaos of this one. I hugged my mom before leaving, promised to take care of myself and got in the train to my seat.

The rest of the journey in my train travel from Hyderabad (HYB) to Ujjain (UJN) by Hyb Aii Express was quite quiet. I attacked my novel with great enthusiasm, read even while I ate and finished almost fifty percent of it. The following morning was replicated in the same manner and I did not even realize that I was close to my destination, where I had prior bookings at the Shipra Residency – MPTDC, Ujjain for stay.

My Train Travel from Hyderabad Deccan to Chennai Central by Chennai Express – A Nice Journey

I have always enjoyed travelling with my friends and with my family. Whenever I have a bunch of holidays coming up, I try to plan a tour to any place that interests me. This trip was planned much in the same way. Chennai was a place I had always wanted to visit. My train travel from Hyderabad Deccan (HYB) to Chennai Central (MAS) by Chennai Express was the beginning of a much needed holiday trip that I wanted so badly. The life of an accounts executive was something which I had always dreamt of because of my love for numbers. However, the stressful demands of the job meant that I needed to refresh my mind every once in a while. These trips helped me do that very well and recharged my batteries.

Chennai Express

Chennai Express I Image Resource :

I had just ended a very important assignment at work and my boss was very happy to allow me to take the leave. A couple of my friends joined in with me as well as they had also managed to take a break from their work. The three of us met at the station at 3:30 pm, well ahead of the scheduled time for the departure of the train. The train would leave at 4:55 pm from Hyderabad. We had done our packing for the last 2 days and stocked up on a lot of dry food and snacks. They would come in handy during the train journey. The train started on time and soon it was running across the Deccan region of India.


Snacks I Image Resource :

We settled down on our seats and started chatting. Our busy lives meant that we had a lot of catching up to do regarding each other’s lives. Soon we were gorging on the snacks that we had brought from home and poured our hearts out to each other. The seats of the train were pretty comfortable and the train was a rather well-maintained one. The pantry staff came and took orders for the dinner. Dinner was delicious at a very economical price. We spent some more time talking and fell asleep soon afterwards. My train travel from Hyderabad Deccan (HYB) to Chennai Central (MAS) by Chennai Express ended the next morning at dawn.