A Fun Day At The Mall! The Ambuja City Centre, Raipur

Symbolizing the positive growth of the city, the Ambuja City centre ushers a brand new retailing experience for people all ages and cultures. A mall is practically the home of almost everyone these days. You visit the mall on a weekday and it remains packed all day long. You visit one on weekends, and it is over flowing with people from the entrance to the top floor.

Time has revolutionized so much so that malls are an attraction not just for girls, but also for men, children and the older generation too. Spread out over a vast expanse of about 10 acres, the Ambuja City Centre has been designed by the famous architect Vivek Rathore, living to the fine quality and standards of City Centre Malls world over.

This multi utility complex is a commercial building, which comprises of not just a shopping mall that proudly brags global retailors both international as well as local; it also is the proud owner of a 4 screen Cineplex, a massive food court, an entertainment arena as well as a club and an adjoining office tower. What more could people ask for in a mall?

Ambuja City Centre Mall Raipur

Ambuja City Centre Mall Raipur | Image Resource :

The Pride Of Raipur

The entire structure of the Ambuja City Center is designed to signify both traditional patterns as well as modern ethnic designs, rendering it a unique appeal. The Ambuja City centre has been a much awaited attraction and family destination to the entire city of Raipur as well as the neighboring cities. Be it Shopping, dining, or to simply unwind and relax, the Ambuja City Centre is an overall completely entertaining experience.

The interior of the mall has been artistically crafted to narrowing the shopping aisles that lead to wide and open spaces. Trees and shrubs are placed along your pathway breaking any linearity in appearances. Non air-conditioned areas easily blend into air-conditioned areas with ease and no apparently distinguishable pattern.

Natural concepts take over the sophistication of the urbanized designs one might find in malls, making the Ambuja city Centre more unique. You will come across several distinguishable structures like Broadway, Valentine café, Dining Street, Kids’ Street and more that gives it a very prominent appeal.

Natural lighting, biophilic design, the clock tower (ghantaghar), urbanization, conceptualization and many many more techniques makes the Ambuja City centre stand apart from the malls all over the nation.

Travel Photo Of The Week : Caculo Mall Goa

Caculo Mall Goa

Caculo Mall Goa | Image Resource :

Caculo Mall Goa – Everything is simply wonderful in Goa. I have heard shopping in Goa would be amazing and I experienced it at the Caculo Mall. It was so colorful and magnificent. Every detail in here carried a grandeur. We even went for a night show at the theater in this mall.

Anjuna Flea Market- The Bohemian Rhapsody on the Sand

If someone asks me that ‘what do you like most next to travelling, in your 23 years of life?’- The answer would invariably be shopping. In that case, how could I ever miss out on iconic Anjuna Flea Market in Goa? Ever since we had planned our trip to the land of sand, sun and the sea- my friends and I were making lists of the stuff to buy in Anjuna flea market.

From the super-helpful travel desk of our resort, we got to learn that- this market takes place every Wednesday on Anjuna beach and it remains open from 10.00 am-4.00 am. Not to miss out even an iota of its charm, we reached on Anjuna beach in North Goa by 10.00 am. The temporary shops were just arranging themselves by then. The strategic location of this flea market overlooking the azure Arabian Sea- made for a wonderful location. I got curious about the origin of this flea market and asked an old woman running a junk jewellery shop about the same.

Anjuna Flea Market

Anjuna Flea Market | Image Resource :

What she told me summarized as this- during 1960s, many hippies used to gather on Anuja beach because they loved the ambience. When they ran out of money, the hippies started selling their belongings like clothes, guitars, jewellery, and other knick-knacks for cheap prices to the locals and tourists also. Thus Anjuna flea market came to picture, which became synonymous with the spirit of Goa, over the years. Lastly, Anjuna’s birth-story charmed me equally as its colorful shops.

Touring around the alleys of this flea market felt almost surreal to us. The color bursts surrounding us in terms of clothes, scarves, bangles made our hearts went swooning collectively after them. Much I love shopping; I have very little patience for bargaining with the sellers, so I moved towards the fixed-price shops. The live band music playing at the centre of the market set the mood on a cheerful note. The juice shops and the junk food stalls did their bits to satiate our thirsts and hunger pangs as well.

We spent close to 3-4 hours and when the time came for exit, we took a solemn oath to return back in this wonderful mélange very soon.

Musical Instruments on display at Anjuna Flea Market

Musical Instruments on display at Anjuna Flea Market | Image Resource :

Crawford Market: Age Old Market of Mumbai

After the wonderful trip to Sanjay Gandhi National park, we decided to visit the historic Crawford market of Mumbai. Crawford market is an important landmark of the city. It is located near the north of the Victoria terminus station.

The market was built in the 18th century and was named after the first municipal commissioner of Mumbai Arthur Crawford. The market is one of the premier places to buy wholesale goods in Mumbai. The name of the market was changed to Jyotiba Phule market but still the locales love to call it Crawford market even today.

Crawford Market

Crawford Market | Image Resource :

The market was full of chaos. It was no different than any random ‘sabzi’ market in our country. When we entered the market we saw various shops all clustered and mushroomed selling various items from spices to fruits and from vegetables to chocolates, etc. It looked like a large congregation of buyers and sellers with a lot of noise about quality of products being sold to bargain of prices happening.

The good thing about this market is that the fresh consignment of food and vegetables are brought in the market daily and sold to the sellers. Hence there were a large number of people from different walks of life who had come to buy these items.

Fruit Shop at Crawford Market

Fruit Shop at Crawford Market | Image Resource :

When we moved a little ahead of the area where food and vegetables were being sold, we saw that there is market for pets too and a large number of pet animals from birds to cats and from puppies to guinea pigs were being sold. These fancy animals were being sold for an expensive amount. I was confused whether these sale of animals are allowed or not.

The Crawford market no doubt has a brilliant architecture. Tourists who come to visit Mumbai always pay a visit there whether they need to buy anything or not. This market has a long history and there are countless bollywood movies too where this market has appeared. This market seems to be neglected in many ways too and it is asking for restoration. We clicked some amazing snaps here of the colourful scenes and shops inside the market.

The next place that we went was the Joggers park of Mumbai.

General Store

General Store | Image Resource :

Travel Photo Of The Week : R City Mall Mumbai

R City Mall Mumbai

R City Mall Mumbai | Image Resource :

R City Mall Mumbai – Visit the mall for a pleasant evening and lose yourself to it….a perfect built- in entertainment with promising invites to every member in the family. Branded boutiques for girlfriends, all- under- one- roof utilities for your family and an adorable edutainment theme park that will keep your kids occupied the whole day.

Travel Photo Of The Week : Sea Shells Shopping in Kanyakumari

Sea Shells Shopping in Kanyakumari

Sea Shells Shopping in Kanyakumari | Image Resource :

Sea Shells Shopping in Kanyakumari – It was sheer heavenly to see the vast expanse of sea and that too the joining of three seas from a single beach in Kanyakumari! From the drudgery of work this was indeed a great experience and I decided to enjoy every moment of it! I did a lot of shopping from the quaint shops which displayed sea shells and pearls. It was beautiful as well as very cheap…I literally bought a gift for each of my friends!