Travel Photo Of The Week : Swami Vivekanad’s Ancestral House Kolkata

Swami Vivekanad's Ancestral House Kolkata

Swami Vivekanad’s Ancestral House Kolkata | Image Resource :

Swami Vivekanad’s Ancestral House Kolkata – This exquisite museum and cultural house was a sure shot eye opener. This place also feeds hungry children and students all year around. If you want to travel back in time, to a simpler life such as that of the 19th century, you are surely in the right place! Was lovely to see humanity working and winning for a change!

Victoria Memorial Hall Kolkata- A Striking Example Of British Architecture

After visiting the Millennium Park and Eden Gardens Stadium on our second day in Kolkata, I woke up with a fresh mind and energetic mood. I had heard a lot about the touch of British architecture in Kolkata, and one of the best representatives of British architecture is the Victoria Memorial.

I had already Googled the timings of visiting this memorial. The memorial comprises of a garden and a museum. While the museum remains closed on Mondays, but the garden remains open for public all through the day. Fortunately, it was not Monday. We were ready by 9 in the morning, and all set to leave the hotel room.

Again, the hotel guy arranged the same cab for us, and we took no time to hop inside the cab. The day was pleasant, and the level of humidity was moderate; perfect enough to roam under the sun. Within 20 or 30 minutes we reached out destination. It was 9:45 in the morning, and the gates were open for the garden.

Victoria Memorial Hall Kolkata

Victoria Memorial Hall Kolkata | Image Resource :

As I approached the entry ticket stall, the information written on the top of the stall became readable. The garden remains open from 5:30 in the morning till 6:15 in the evening. On the other hand, the timing for the museum is 10 from the morning till 5 in the evening. I purchased two tickets, each of 20 INR. The amount covers the entry fee for the museum and garden as well.

Without any doubt, the memorial looked absolutely beautiful and stunning. The white marble used for the construction of memorial was adding more beauty to the structure. The inside part of the memorial that is the museum encompasses wide range of objects, particularly from the pre-Independence phase of India.

It was the year 1921 when this memorial was constructed, and it was devoted to the memory of none other than Queen Victoria. The collection size of nearly 30,000 items is definitely quite massive. It took us more or less two hours to check out the entire museum. The garden was absolutely beautiful and comprised of many valuable trees, and some of them were a century old.

Travel Photo Of The Week : St Paul’s Cathedral Kolkata

St Paul's Cathedral Kolkata

St Paul’s Cathedral Kolkata | Image Resource :

St Paul’s Cathedral Kolkata – The sounds and acoustics in this massive church was my favourite part. There is a nice garden right before you enter the huge doors of the church that is a perfect place to take some pictures. If you are looking to find solace, look no further! The overall environment here was brilliant!

Millennium Park- A Good Place To Experience Some Serene Moments

It was our second day in Kolkata. After checking into the hotel room at about 8 in the evening, we decided to pamper our taste buds with some fine delicacies of Kolkata. Since we were a little tired, so I and my friend, Anita decided not to go anywhere. The next day, we woke up fresh and were absolutely thrilled to explore the next hot spot of Kolkata, and it was the Millennium Park.

Millennium Park Entrance

Millennium Park Entrance | Image Resource :

Situated on the eastern bank of the Hooghly River, and along the popular Strand Road, this private park is quite popular for its quiet environment. Through Google maps I found that the distance between this park and the place where I stayed was more or less 15 kilometers. Hence, we decided to start early in order to avoid the traffic.

After enjoying the breakfast, which also included the widely popular ‘Misti Doi’ or sweet curd, we dressed ourselves up and were ready to move on. It was really good that the manager of the hotel arranged a cab for us, and directed the chauffer to take us to the destination. The ride was quite at ease and in less than an hour, we were in front of Millennium Park.

Millennium Park Kolkata

Millennium Park Kolkata | Image Resource :

It was around 10:30 in the morning, and the gates were already open. I asked one of the guards about the timings, and he said that the park remains open from 10 in the morning to 6:30 in the evening. Since no entry fee is required to get inside the park, so we headed straightly towards it. As I moved inside the park, the cool breeze accompanied with lush green environment definitely relaxed my mind.

The entire park is a stretch of two and half kilometers, and the landscaped gardens are one of the prime attractions. We also tried some snacks which were sold inside by the hawkers such as the famous Jhal Muri of Kolkata. The view of Hooghly River from the park was absolutely a treat to the eye. I would definitely love to visit this park once again, but in the evening, when the sunrays would create an amazing effect on the river. Overall, it is a good place to spend some peaceful time.

Travel Photo Of The Week : National Library Kolkata

National Library Kolkata

National Library Kolkata | Image Resource :

National Library Kolkata – Since we had some extra time on your hands we decided to check this place out. Apparently it is India’s oldest library that still stands tall today. Anyone that is a history buff should surely check out a few books at this magnificent library as some of the evidences and records are original and dated back a century or so!

Howrah Bridge- A Treasured Experience Right At The Beginning

After I and Anita arrived at the Howrah Station, we hired a cab through a mobile app. Within few minutes, the chauffer called on my number and gave details of his location. Right from the car parking space of the station, I was able to see the mammoth structure- the Howrah Bridge.

Finally, my desire came true and the magnificent bridge was in front of my eyes. Since it was about 6:30 in the evening, so the lights were on, and it was rendering an amazing effect to the structure.

Soon we found the cab parked few meters away from the exit gate of the station. The guy looked decent, in his 40’s. One thing that makes Kolkata more popular is the Howrah railway station itself. The crowd was mindboggling, and the jam was definitely giving a scary view. Fortunately, we were inside an AC car, so the humidity was not affecting us. I took out my smart phone and started taking some pictures of the bridge.

Howrah Bridge

Howrah Bridge | Image Resource :

As the cab slowly moved towards the bridge, I was able to get a better view of the giant structure of steel. I still remember some vital information regarding this amazing structure. It was 1936 when the construction of this cantilever bridge started, and it took almost 6 years to finish the construction. After a year from completing the construction, on 3 February 1943 the bridge was opened for the public.

As our cab entered into the huge structure, I felt so small in front of it. It feels so amazing that how this huge structure remains suspended between two huge towers. It is also a mindboggling fact that there are no nuts and bolts in the entire bridge.

The traffic was too slow, as it was the evening time, when people return back to their home from their respective offices. But, I really liked the slow traffic, as it allowed me to explore the beauty of Howrah Bridge.

The Hooghly River flowing under the bridge was definitely beautiful and terrifying at the same time. It took about 10 minutes to cross the 705 meters long bridge. What a perfect way to begin the exploration of Kolkata!

Hooghly River

Hooghly River | Image Resource :

Travel Photo Of The Week : Shaheed Minar Kolkata

Shaheed Minar Kolkata

Shaheed Minar Kolkata | Image Resource :

Shaheed Minar Kolkata – If you’re looking to see Kolkata in all its glory at one view, this is the perfect place for the same. This lighthouse is like many others but shows you a view of Kolkata that you’d never think was there. It is a climb so I wouldn’t recommend anyone that cannot climb to go here.

Another Feather In Its Laurel Wreath- The Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh International Cricket Stadium!

The life and blood of India, cricket, is famous in Raipur too. Raipur is very well known for its recently built International Cricket Stadium. Constructed in 2008, the Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh International Cricket Stadium has a seating capacity of nearly over 65,000.  Being an Indian, it is a mandatory and a thrilling visit when one steps into the city.

This International Cricket Stadium was first inaugurated in 2010, when the Canadian National Cricket team arrived for their first time ever and played a practice match against our very own Chhattisgarh State Team. Soon enough in 2013, the stadium was declared the second host venue for the Delhi Daredevil Team of the Indian Premier League. Two of the team matches have also been hosted here already.

Sunil Gavaskar the cricketer turned commentator rated the Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh International Cricket Stadium as one of the best stadiums in the entire country and that he proposed to utilize it to its fullest for all types of matches.

Indian Cricket Team Player Irfan Pathan quoted, “When opportunities are created, and such facilities are in place, there is the hope that cricketers will emerge. I hope to play again in this wonderful Venue.

Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh International Cricket Stadium

Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh International Cricket Stadium | Image Resource :

The Making Of The Stadium

Though the construction of the stadium began in 2001, it took time for its completion. The Government of Chhattisgarh has been solely responsible for its designing and development and owns it till date. A modern sports arena had been incorporated into the structure. During its remodeling, the media facilities have been enhanced, the corporate box/seats have been made plusher and the roofs have been extended to cover the remaining ground to maintain temperature.

This International Cricket Stadium has been constructed in the new capital, Naya Raipur- One of the finest and most well planned cities the world is yet to see. The stadium has also hosted a Half-Marathon on December 16 2012, based on the theme “Let us Run” marking Vijay Diwas.

The stadium has hosted to date eight T20 matches during the 2014 Champions League T20. This also includes two group stage games as well as all of the six qualifier matches. For the first time ever in the history of CLT20 Cricket, the qualifiers were all sold out and the matches were double-headers.

I wish I get to make another trip to this stadium probably during the next IPL or CLT20 series.

Fun And Frolic At The MM Fun City, Raipur!

Well, one does need to experience the fun filled adventures of a city while visiting. I planned my entire day to fun and adventure at the MM Fun City of Raipur. A theme park based on loads of water rides, the MM Fun City is probably the best-rated amusement park in the entire state of Chhattisgarh. Come hither alone, with friends and family and revel and enjoy all day long.

The water Slide, rain dance with live DJ, wave pool and the video gaming zone are some of the clean and secure activities you will come across as you enter the park. Dry games and water rides, both have been designed for people of all ages. There are many more attractions for you to partake and enjoy your day with a thrilling start.

MM Fun City Raipur

MM Fun City Raipur | Image Resource :

So here I am dripping with water, weighing down and feeling tired. Pangs of hunger took me straight to the food court. I literally jumped into the flavor packed mouth-watering delicacies from the stalls. The MM Fun City food court provides multi-cuisine that includes Continental, Chinese as well as Indian cuisines. Trust me, there won’t be any need of packing your lunch, what with the tongue tingling dishes that are served to you at a very nominal cost?!

The MM Fun City also provides banquet halls for company team meetings and bonding events and arranges lawn parties for birthdays and other events. The tariff is very economical making it enticing for one and all.

Family rides are a special attraction at the MM Fun City. In fact, you are also given accommodation in the event that you wish to stay overnight and enjoy a two-day fun filled event. All rooms are air conditioned and provided with all basic amenities. You will find the service to be of top quality and be very commendable indeed.

The MM Fun City of Raipur is open to one and all from 10 am to 8 pm on weekdays and remains open up to 10:30 pm on weekends. Tariff and rates are very economical and allow you to spend more during the day. You will find the rates to be the same for both adults and children, but it varies on weekends allowing an upper hand to loaners and even students.

The park is very vigilant and strict about its rules and regulations. You are fined if you litter the premises and are guided to follow cleanliness as long as you are in the park. Guests in the park’s accommodation are also fined heavily for causing any damage or riots within the premise.

In Short, come to MM Fun City and have the best time of your life!

Travel Photo Of The Week : Nagar Ghadi Chhattisgarh

Nagar Ghadi Chhattisgarh

Nagar Ghadi Chhattisgarh | Image Resource :

Nagar Ghadi Chhattisgarh – Visiting a new place always comes with remembering the street. Well, I needn’t have to remember it during my trip to Chhattisgarh, thanks to the Nagar Ghadi. An ideal landmark near my hotel, so whenever I catch an auto or rent a car they drop me at the hotel without any hassle!