Coorg Resorts: Literal Paradises Amidst The Breathtaking Scenic Views!

Hello, This is Afreen Shaikh from Andhra Pradesh, an account executive by profession. Since my job gets so monotonous, I usually take these little breaks .This time, I decided to go to Coorg via Bangalore. I discovered Bangalore, is the city with a cool climate, because it’s situated at a place equidistant from the shores and also the elevation does a great deal for its climate. I travelled from here to Coorg which is 238 Km by road, taking just 6 hours.

Tea plantations in Coorg

Tea plantations in Coorg | Image Resource :

I had decided to save and go for a luxury trip and selected the Old Kent Spa and Resort, a 200 acre property. As I entered this coorg resort, surrounded by lovely coffee plantation I was struck by its British Colonial style of architecture. I was pleased with the large villas. The breakfast was pleasant a mixture of Coorg and British cuisine. Sitting in the lush property I watched the varieties of birds and the flora and fauna. The bathrooms were a dream with lovely English type of bath-tubs.

Old Kent Spa and Resort

Old Kent Spa and Resort | Image Resource :

Old Kent Spa and Resort Room

Old Kent Spa and Resort Room | Image Resource :

Coorg Resorts: The Verdant Green Environment Spiced With Luxury

The next I decided to go in for The Windflower Resorts and Spa, as I felt once I am here I need to have the pleasure of visiting it. Spread over a 25 acres of land the large airy 44 rooms had the sun filtering in with the coffee plantation and verdant greenery all around. The towering teakwood and rosewood trees, around the pool were such a pleasant scene.

The Windflower Resorts and Spa

The Windflower Resorts and Spa | Image Resource :

Having a riverside murmuring next to my room which is on stilts was my dream which I realized, the next day at Meriyanda Nature Resort. The stylish stone and wooden bathroom with a spacious bedroom along with a deck offering the breathtaking view of Coorg was fascinating. The trek to the water fall was enchanting, from this Coorg Resort. Similarly I checked out the Heritage resorts, where the pool had no chlorine and the meal I had, used the spice from the organic garden within its precincts.

Meriyanda Nature Resort

Meriyanda Nature Resort | Image Resource :

On my last day I casually checked out the Serene Woods, and was completely taken up by the unique nature get-away. The evening bonfire, the treks and bird-watching was something which I promised myself next time.

Serene Woods

Serene Woods | Image Resource :

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