A Day Dedicated To Science At The Science City, Kolkata

I planned my next day to visit the most popular Science City of Kolkata. I and my Friend Anita were always fascinated with various aspects of science, and after a long time we had the opportunity to come closer to it. The transport facility of Kolkata is not just convenient but cheap as well. And we preferred to use it to visit the science city as well.

It is situated in East Kolkata, and the place is ideal for people who are lovers of Science. We started from our place at 9 am and it took about 40 minutes to reach the place. The museum is known to be one of the best science museums of our nation.

It is a pleasant park, and at the same time provides immense knowledge about the technology and science. In addition to this, I enjoyed every aspect of the museum and took a lot of pictures of the exhibitions maintained there. The best thing about the place was that everyone had glowing places and they were keenly interested in grabbing knowledge, irrespective of the age group they belonged.

Science City Kolkata

Science City Kolkata | Image Resource : sciencecitykolkata.org.in

The museum is surrounded with lawns and lush trees, and the main spots to check out are Dinosaurs Alive, Life in Water, World of insects and reptiles, Butterfly corner, Space flight, Musical fountain, and many more. Personally, I liked the Fountain and butterfly corner. I thank the founders of the place to provide us a chance to get to know science more practically.

The visitors can enjoy the day easily as the entire auditorium is air conditioned and has advanced audio video equipment to give the best feel to the audiences. I was surprised that 2215 seats were available in the auditorium. Such a vast place!

With just few bucks, one can see, hear, and feel science in the museum. I would request all my readers to visit Science city when they are in this joy metropolitan. We spent the entire day at the place, and it was evening when we left the museum to reach our hotel. We both were tired and wanted to have a relaxing time the next day.

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