Mesmerized By The Massiveness Of Eden Gardens Stadium Kolkata

After checking out the serene environment of Millennium Park in the Strand Road, we decided to explore our next destination. But before that we needed to power up our body. So, after having something from a restaurant located close to the park, we hired a yellow taxi, which is perhaps one of the iconic symbols of Kolkata, and headed towards Eden Gardens Stadium.

The distance between Millennium Park and the Cricket stadium is not too much. The roads were quite broad and the traffic was moderate. So, it took the driver about 10 minutes to take us to the entry gate of Eden Gardens cricket stadium. From outside, I had no idea how this huge stadium would look. I knew the fact that this stadium is the largest cricket stadium in India; and, it holds third position in the list of largest cricket grounds in the world.

Eden Gardens Stadium Kolkata

Eden Gardens Stadium Kolkata | Image Resource :

Fortunately, the gates of Eden Gardens stadium remain open for the visitors all through the week. The gates open at 9 in the morning and close at 6 in the evening. Located in BBD Bagh, this stadium has always been one of the prime representatives of Kolkata. Again, there was no entry fee for getting inside the station. However, one of the guards was a bit hesitant about letting us inside.

We requested him couple of times and a little amount of money provided us the way to get inside the stadium. As I went inside, my mouth was left open. The stadium is so huge that it becomes absolutely difficult to spot people on the other side.

I was able to gobble some quick facts during the exploration. For instance, the stadium was established in the year 1864. The present capacity of Eden Gardens is 60,000. However, in some instances the number of audience had passed the figure of one lakh.

Moving around the stadium was certainly an unforgettable experience for me as well as for Anita. It took about an hour to explore the stadium. After taking some selfies, we hired a cab and headed straight to our hotel. No doubt, we were quite tired.

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