Millennium Park- A Good Place To Experience Some Serene Moments

It was our second day in Kolkata. After checking into the hotel room at about 8 in the evening, we decided to pamper our taste buds with some fine delicacies of Kolkata. Since we were a little tired, so I and my friend, Anita decided not to go anywhere. The next day, we woke up fresh and were absolutely thrilled to explore the next hot spot of Kolkata, and it was the Millennium Park.

Millennium Park Entrance

Millennium Park Entrance | Image Resource :

Situated on the eastern bank of the Hooghly River, and along the popular Strand Road, this private park is quite popular for its quiet environment. Through Google maps I found that the distance between this park and the place where I stayed was more or less 15 kilometers. Hence, we decided to start early in order to avoid the traffic.

After enjoying the breakfast, which also included the widely popular ‘Misti Doi’ or sweet curd, we dressed ourselves up and were ready to move on. It was really good that the manager of the hotel arranged a cab for us, and directed the chauffer to take us to the destination. The ride was quite at ease and in less than an hour, we were in front of Millennium Park.

Millennium Park Kolkata

Millennium Park Kolkata | Image Resource :

It was around 10:30 in the morning, and the gates were already open. I asked one of the guards about the timings, and he said that the park remains open from 10 in the morning to 6:30 in the evening. Since no entry fee is required to get inside the park, so we headed straightly towards it. As I moved inside the park, the cool breeze accompanied with lush green environment definitely relaxed my mind.

The entire park is a stretch of two and half kilometers, and the landscaped gardens are one of the prime attractions. We also tried some snacks which were sold inside by the hawkers such as the famous Jhal Muri of Kolkata. The view of Hooghly River from the park was absolutely a treat to the eye. I would definitely love to visit this park once again, but in the evening, when the sunrays would create an amazing effect on the river. Overall, it is a good place to spend some peaceful time.

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