Howrah Bridge- A Treasured Experience Right At The Beginning

After I and Anita arrived at the Howrah Station, we hired a cab through a mobile app. Within few minutes, the chauffer called on my number and gave details of his location. Right from the car parking space of the station, I was able to see the mammoth structure- the Howrah Bridge.

Finally, my desire came true and the magnificent bridge was in front of my eyes. Since it was about 6:30 in the evening, so the lights were on, and it was rendering an amazing effect to the structure.

Soon we found the cab parked few meters away from the exit gate of the station. The guy looked decent, in his 40’s. One thing that makes Kolkata more popular is the Howrah railway station itself. The crowd was mindboggling, and the jam was definitely giving a scary view. Fortunately, we were inside an AC car, so the humidity was not affecting us. I took out my smart phone and started taking some pictures of the bridge.

Howrah Bridge

Howrah Bridge | Image Resource :

As the cab slowly moved towards the bridge, I was able to get a better view of the giant structure of steel. I still remember some vital information regarding this amazing structure. It was 1936 when the construction of this cantilever bridge started, and it took almost 6 years to finish the construction. After a year from completing the construction, on 3 February 1943 the bridge was opened for the public.

As our cab entered into the huge structure, I felt so small in front of it. It feels so amazing that how this huge structure remains suspended between two huge towers. It is also a mindboggling fact that there are no nuts and bolts in the entire bridge.

The traffic was too slow, as it was the evening time, when people return back to their home from their respective offices. But, I really liked the slow traffic, as it allowed me to explore the beauty of Howrah Bridge.

The Hooghly River flowing under the bridge was definitely beautiful and terrifying at the same time. It took about 10 minutes to cross the 705 meters long bridge. What a perfect way to begin the exploration of Kolkata!

Hooghly River

Hooghly River | Image Resource :

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