Travelling From Secunderabad To Howrah- A Pleasant Experience!

For me, life has always been an exciting trip. I am Afreen Shaikh from Hyderabad, and I am like any other girl of this wonderful city. Travelling to new places being one of my favorite hobbies, I have explored most of the regions in the southern part of India. For this reason, I decided to select something different this time.

I have always been quite fond of sweets, and don’t know why I had this old desire to visit Kolkata. Accompanied with my best friend Anita, we decided to explore the new and decades old elements of Kolkata.

Falaknuma Express

Falaknuma Express | Image Resource :

Though there are a couple of trains that connect Hyderabad and Kolkata, we preferred Falaknuma express, based on its reputation of being on time. In order to be on the safe side, I made the reservations at least a month before, because it is preferred by most of the travelers. In fact, sometimes it becomes difficult to get confirmed tickets even a month before the date of journey.

Finally the day of journey arrived, and I was absolutely thrilled, so was Anita. We were at the Secunderabad railway station. The departure time of Falaknuma was 4PM, and the train with empty coaches arrived at the platform about 30 minutes before the time of departure. Soon we maneuvered our luggage through the crowed and found our 3AC coach, B1.

The coach was quite clean, and it made us feel that Falaknuma is perhaps the best option from the available Hyderabad Kolkata trains. The train departed exactly on time, and thus our 24-hours journey began. Fortunately, both of us got the lower berth and the other passengers were quite decent enough. Staff members of the train’s pantry car showed up quite often, with snacks and other food items.

The sun went down in an hour or two, and we embarked on our 1545 kilometers journey. I was definitely excited to see the Victoria Memorial, Howrah Bridge, and other beautiful elements of Kolkata. We slept and read books throughout the journey, and finally it was 6pm, the next day and the train arrived at one of the platforms in Howrah station.

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