A Garden Of Friendship – The MaitriBagh Chhattisgarh

Aah! After all the hogging and pigging out, I definitely need to do some working out before I get back to routine. And so, I am about to visit the very famous MaitriBagh of Chhattisgarh. Every city requires a park. A place to breathe in some fresh air after all the pollution and commotion we face and live in day in and day out. I put on my tracks, (lucky I packed them) and began my early morning jog.

The MaitriBagh is both a zoo as well as a park, along with a musical fountain. Pretty impressive, right?! What began as a simple gesture of friendship between India and the USSR, is now a regular picnic spot. And the park is indeed a “Friendship Garden”. It was both developed and maintained by the Bhilai Steel Plant, SAIL, giving the people a reason to rest, recreate and relax.

the maitribagh chhattisgarh

The MaitriBagh Chhattisgarh | Image Resource : nevertiredoftravelling.wordpress.com

All About The Bagh

I saw several tourists in the park and I could not help but stare in awe at the local crowd that was gathered before me. The Zoo opens at 10 am and closes at 5 pm Tuesdays through Sundays, while the park remains open upto 7.30 pm.

The Musical Fountain Show is conducted at 7 pm only on Saturdays and Sundays. So plan ahead if you wish to catch the spectacular display of water and lasers. I would suggest you visit the park at 4pm, probably a littler earlier for the zoo, so that you can cover all the sections and then leisurely arrive for the musical fountain show.

musical fountain at the maitribagh chhattisgarh

Musical Fountain at The MaitriBagh Chhattisgarh | Image Resource : bhilaionline.in

The entire layout is divided into the zoo, beautiful gardens, a small waterfall, the toy train called- the Maitri Express, the musical fountain and more. If you wish to catch an aerial view of the Maitri Bagh, you may approach the PragratiMinar. You will find probably the best possible access to an eagle’s view of the entire stretch of the Maitri Bagh as well as the Steel Plant.

toy train at the maitribagh chhattisgarh

Toy Train at The MaitriBagh Chhattisgarh | Image Resource : transindiatravels.com

You need to pay a meager entry fee of rupees ten, while you get to enjoy something that is worth much more. Do note that the Maitri Bagh Chhattisgarh remains closed on Mondays. Plan ahead and catch all the attractions and still beat the crowd. Remember, it is a Garden of Friendship, so rest, relax and recreate with your near and dear ones.

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