Peace, Quiet and Calm At The Shadani Darbar, Raipur

Now that I have covered history and entertainment, I felt this was the day for some culture and faith. I am told that there is a very famous pilgrimage that Raipur adores. Religious or not, hordes of people visit the Shadani Darbar every day to find their inner peace.

Located approximately 10 kilometers away from the railway station and only 4 kilometers away from the airport along the Dhamtari Road, the Shadani Darbar is a very popular Hindu pilgrimage. It was named after the saint Shri Shadaramji Sahib. Spread across a vast area 49,000 square meters, the Shadani Darbar has a humongous hall where Dhuni Sahib is placed. In fact the interior was so mesmerizing that I was awestruck by the lovely carved images of Gods and their incarnations on either side of the walls.

Shadani Darbar Raipur

Shadani Darbar Raipur | Image Resource :

Regardless of religion caste or creed one can always find peace and harmony in life. The only requirement is positive emotions. The Shadani Darbar is the exact place to find peace, harmony and quiet in your life. Within the darbar is a musical fountain with religious statues and idols that will ensure a calming ripple effect to your presence.

The Temple Of Raipur

This temple of Shadani Darbar is open to one and all on all days from 7AM to 7PM. The Dukh Bhajan Dhuni is performed everyday by the priest. You would be surprised to know that the only other temple of the Shadani Darbar is found in Pakistan.

The Shadani Darbar was founded by Sant Shree Shadaram Sahib Ji, who is believed to be the avatar of Lord Shiva, devoting his whole life in service of the Ultimate God and human beings. Several utsavs and mahautsavs take place here at the Shadani Darbar and you will come across pilgrims from both India as well as Pakistan. It is an amazing sight indeed. The present priest of the temple is the Sant Yudhishtar Lal Sahib. The priest is known as the Gaddisar. You may visit their online website to find out about the schedule of the events to occur in the present and upcoming year. Special pujas and events are conducted on festival days too. It is a wonderful sight indeed and one definitely needs to be present to experience the special and magical day.

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