A Fun Day At The Mall! The Ambuja City Centre, Raipur

Symbolizing the positive growth of the city, the Ambuja City centre ushers a brand new retailing experience for people all ages and cultures. A mall is practically the home of almost everyone these days. You visit the mall on a weekday and it remains packed all day long. You visit one on weekends, and it is over flowing with people from the entrance to the top floor.

Time has revolutionized so much so that malls are an attraction not just for girls, but also for men, children and the older generation too. Spread out over a vast expanse of about 10 acres, the Ambuja City Centre has been designed by the famous architect Vivek Rathore, living to the fine quality and standards of City Centre Malls world over.

This multi utility complex is a commercial building, which comprises of not just a shopping mall that proudly brags global retailors both international as well as local; it also is the proud owner of a 4 screen Cineplex, a massive food court, an entertainment arena as well as a club and an adjoining office tower. What more could people ask for in a mall?

Ambuja City Centre Mall Raipur

Ambuja City Centre Mall Raipur | Image Resource : ambujaneotia.com

The Pride Of Raipur

The entire structure of the Ambuja City Center is designed to signify both traditional patterns as well as modern ethnic designs, rendering it a unique appeal. The Ambuja City centre has been a much awaited attraction and family destination to the entire city of Raipur as well as the neighboring cities. Be it Shopping, dining, or to simply unwind and relax, the Ambuja City Centre is an overall completely entertaining experience.

The interior of the mall has been artistically crafted to narrowing the shopping aisles that lead to wide and open spaces. Trees and shrubs are placed along your pathway breaking any linearity in appearances. Non air-conditioned areas easily blend into air-conditioned areas with ease and no apparently distinguishable pattern.

Natural concepts take over the sophistication of the urbanized designs one might find in malls, making the Ambuja city Centre more unique. You will come across several distinguishable structures like Broadway, Valentine café, Dining Street, Kids’ Street and more that gives it a very prominent appeal.

Natural lighting, biophilic design, the clock tower (ghantaghar), urbanization, conceptualization and many many more techniques makes the Ambuja City centre stand apart from the malls all over the nation.

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