The Pride Of Raipur- Mahakoshal Art Gallery!

Day ‘One’ of my tour in Raipur and I chose to start with the famed art gallery ‘Mahakoshal’, placed at about less than a kilometer away from the Jaistambh Chowk of the city. While the building itself is artistically unique, the museum is known to host several art exhibitions from time to time. As it turns out, this octagon shaped building is over a hundred years old and holds much significant in this charming little town.

I had a guide take me around on this tour so that I could be more informed and get more detailed facts than I would if I went alone. As I look upon the Octagonal structure, I noticed how each of these sides is made from individually carved blocks of stones; a magnificent structure that would require your presence to drink in its beauty. As you enter inside the gallery, the eight sides of the inner hall are designed after an arch type interior. The huge pillar at the centre of the central hall holds up the entire structure, giving maximum and basic strength to the monument as a whole.

Not only are the paintings held in the gallery justified by the structure, but also gives a poetic justice to its purpose.

Mahakoshal Art Gallery

Mahakoshal Art Gallery | Image Resource :

Mahakoshal And Its History

You would think that galleries are pretty much recent and don’t hold much significant value in times like these. This particular art gallery was actually founded by Mahant Ghasidas. He was a very devoted ruler of Rajnandgaon. The British Government converted the now standing building into the art gallery that it is in 1875. Over a course of nearly half a century, the museum was shifted to a newer and a bigger building. The Mahakaushal Kala Parishad takes charge of the maintenance of the Mahakaushal Art Gallery presently.

Among the several artistic talents that the Mahakoshal Art Gallery displays from time to time, you will find frequent presentations of sculptures, caricatures and more. To invite more budding talent and to motivate artistic talent in one and all, the gallery also hosts several competitions within its premises.

The rugged worn look from the outside gives the gallery a historical effect and adds to its value in time. I have had a mind blowing experience viewing the marvelous paintings and sculptures. I am hoping that the pictures I have to share with you motivate you to make a personal visit and share my experience.

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