Chugging Down the Tracks From The Twin City To Old Forts of Raipur!

Though being an account executive is fun and thrilling I, Afreen Sheikh do require time away from work to clear my mind and relax myself from my daily routine. Historic sites have an effect on you that could leave you mesmerized throughout your life. It gives the adrenaline rush that especially the Y-Generation craves for. Living in a world of technology and revolutionized artifacts, it definitely is pleasing to the mind to be present among the simpler times and their lifestyles.

And So I have chosen to visit the capital city of the once Mogul empire- Raipur, the capital district of the state of Chhattisgarh. Planning my event was very easy with the mobile booking app. I booked my tickets in the SC DBG SPECIAL train using the TRAVEL APP on my phone. This particular train takes me right from the Secunderabad Junction to the Darbhanga Junction via Ranchi. This journey lasts for almost two days, which is the exact adventure one needs before the start of the tour.

SC DBG Special Train

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Along The Tracks Of Raipur

Raipur is a district in the Chhattisgarh state of India and is also its capital city. It is famed to have existed since the 9th century as a very vital part of the Dakshina Kosala Kingdom and later a part of the Mauryan Empire. The ruins of the Raipur Fort still stand to be seen and witnessed by people all over the world. The city of Raipur has seen more royalty and ancient historical artifacts than most cities in India.

Raipur gets its name from King Ramachansra’s son BrahmadeoRai after it was constructed. It is also known as the “Rice Bowl Of India”, as hundreds of varieties of Rice are grown here. Located nearer to the middle of a large plain, Raipur is also covered by dense forests along the southern side. With the Maikal Hills along the northwestern range and the Mahanadi River on the east, the city of Raipur is one to marvel at.

Extremely well connected to the other northern and central cities of India, Raipur has been provided with classic railway lines as well as well-maintained National Highway Roads. With its famous international cricket stadium, wildlife sanctuary, the memorial museum, art gallery and more, Raipur is a fun filled city and I just can’t wait to start off my adventure.

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