Museum of Christian Art Goa- the Unusual Gem Of Faith

Whenever I have declared my love for museums, the adults raised their eyebrows as according to them, only students, children and researchers can be fond of museums. But this skepticism never deterred me to visit any museum I like whenever I explore a new place. Goa boasts of many enriched museums but as we had limited time at hands- we zeroed upon the Museum Of Christian Art situated in Old Goa.

Situated in Santa Monica in Old Goa, the museum remains open from 9.30 am-5.00 pm throughout the week. The entry fee was only Rs.50 per adult, while taking the camera inside will cost another Rs.50. Founded in 1994, this relatively new museum was remarkable well maintained and my love for Goa increased multifold- by seeing the beautiful pieces of antiquity arranged neatly inside.

The artifacts of the whole museum were divided into multiple segments like sculptures, paintings, metals, textiles and ivory, to name a few. While my friends were busy clicking photographs, I was more into internalizing the information related with each items. The articles that really caught my eyes were- an ivory idol of baby Jesus and Madonna in a sari!

Museum of Christian Art Goa

Museum of Christian Art Goa | Image Resource :

The museum was two storied and small. I was really impressed by seeing the charming silverware from the 16th century of Goa. Time and again, I was thinking that if- I had knowledge on Portuguese art or history, then only may be the real importance of these paintings and collection would have dawned on me more clearly.

Nevertheless, the implications of the items were evident by the fact that- they were tidily displaced inside of glass cases. Though it made the job of clicking photos difficult for photographers around, I was moved just by thinking the dilapidated conditions of few of the other museums I had seen in India.

Once we were done touring around the place, we landed at the nice, little cafeteria that the museum hosts. We also discovered a tiny gift shop and treated ourselves with some pretty trinkets as well as picture postcards. Overall, the thoughts of Christian Art Museum of Goa made for fuzzy, warm memories in my mind- that will be there forever.

Museum of Christian Art Gallery in Goa

Museum of Christian Art Gallery in Goa | Image Resource :

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