Miramar Beach Goa- One of Its Kinds!

Tranquil ambience? Check. Great food? Check. Deep, blue water? Check. What I love and long for most in a beach, Miramar beach had of all them and some more. This beautiful beach was inarguably the most serene one- that I found in the entire Goa. If you expect that you will find many tourist destinations or typical Goan bars in the vicinity, then you may feel disappointed as this beach has nothing of them but some shacks selling delicious foods. But like me, if you also love taking long walks on beach during sun set; then Miramar is the beach for you.

Situated 3 KM away from Panaji, the journey to Miramar made for a pleasant trip. When we hit this pretty beach with silvery sand, it was around 4.00 pm. We were instructed by our resort’s helpdesk that the sun set from Miramar was not to be missed. The beach was almost deserted barring few kids playing beach football. We took a leisurely walk through the coast of the beach and learned that the USP of this beach lies with the fact that- it is situated at the meeting point of river Mandobi and Arabian Sea. Though even upon close inspection I failed to differentiate the color of the river water and that of the sea; just thought of this beautiful union made me feel happy.

Miramar Beach Goa

Miramar Beach Goa | Image Resource : en.wikipedia.org

As the sun drew near to set down, the beach suddenly was filled with many children of different ages. Among them, I also regained my lost childhood and built few sand-castles. My friends on the other hand, busied themselves in clicking selfies at the backdrop of the Arabian Sea. The line of palm trees on the beach looked like- they were taken out of a swimsuit calendar. Suddenly I found out that one can notice the tip of the fort Aguada from the Miramar beach but I was feeling so relaxed just lazing around the beach that I didn’t feel the urge to go there.

When the much south-after moment of sun set came, a peaceful silence descended upon the beach. The glorious sun setting on west and transforming the water crimson red- was a sight that I will remember till my last breath.

Miramar Beach

Miramar Beach | Image Resource : goaholidayguide.blogspot.com

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