Dudhsagar Falls Goa- Nature’s Magnificence at Its Best!

There was a reason of choosing monsoon for our Goa trip and it was entirely related with Dudhsagar falls. My habit of going through travel magazines had introduced me to the magnificent beauty of Dudhsagar Falls beforehand and I was itching to see it in real life.

Located in the Western Ghats- in the border of Goa-Karnataka, Dudhsagar Falls is also famous for the legend behind it. We took the morning train from Margao and disembarked at Dudhsagar stop. First we had to go to the office of Goa Tourism Department to book a jeep, as the road to the falls is dense with trees and rocks. We were also provided with life-jackets there.

Dudhsagar Falls Goa

Dudhsagar Falls Goa | Image Resource : en.wikipedia.org

 The legend says that Western Ghats were once ruled by a king who had a beautiful daughter. The princess used to take baths in the lake of Dudhsagar Falls followed by consuming a jug of milk. Once she was watched by a prince while swimming in the lake and when the princess noticed it, she emptied the jug to create a mist to shield her body. From there on, the name Dudhsagar (or Sea of milk) was coined.

We were simply transfixed while listening to this tale through our entire jeep ride from our chatty jeep-rider. Much later, we noticed that the surrounding areas on both sides were covered with beautiful greenery. But all the chatter stopped when we finally stationed in front of the falls. The fresh monsoon raindrops brought out the full glory of the falls and how! The milky-white water falls created a surreal ambience and it really seemed like descent of milk.

There were lots of enthusiastic tourists swimming in the lake at the bottom of the falls. We also joined them. Some helpers were there who assisted those who didn’t know swimming. But we noticed ruefully that the place was littered with many plastic bottles and packets; which again proved the carelessness of Indian tourists.

When we were returning, it was already around 4.00 pm. Our hands grew tired of clicking photos and our minds were simply elated with excitement. The memories of Dudhsagar falls will remain alive in our hearts forever.

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