From Hyderabad to Goa- A Fantasy Trip to the Land Of Sea, Sand & Sun

After starting off my career as an account executive, I let the wanderer inside me unleashed. By nature, I am a home-body who loves spending time with family. But once I hit the road, there is nothing that can bind me back to explore a new place. That’s why when I was planning a trip to Goa last year; I decided to do it with my friends rather than family. I wanted to discover every hidden gems of Goa, getting tanned heavily and lazing around the beaches from morning to night. And only your like-minded friends will allow you to do that!

When finally my 3 closest girl-friends had agreed to join me in the Goa trip, we decided that it will be an out-and-out budget trip. It prompted me to searching every nuke and corner of virtual space for landing up cheap flight hotel Goa deals and but going to Goa via air seemed surpassing our budget.

Luckily from our favorite travel site, we got to learn that going to Goa via Kcg Ypr Express will be really economical. One sultry night during the season of monsoon, our train from Kacheguda, Hyderabad (kcg) departed around 9 p.m. the cleanliness and the comfortable seats of the express train pleasantly surprised us. My friends and I were equally bubbling with thrill and we couldn’t get us to sleep throughout the night at all. At last, we landed at Madgaon, Goa (Mao) around 1.00 pm the next day and did a collective high-five.

Kcg Ypr Express

Kcg Ypr Express | Image Resource :

Goa- An India Hitherto Unknown to Me!

It’s highly problematic if someone tells me now to describe Goa in only one line. The best I can come up with- it’s not like any part of the rest of India! With its breath-taking natural beauty, the color burst at Anjuna flea market, the madness of Calangute beach or the enriching museum of Christian art- Goa is many things rolled into one.

At the end of my trip of Goa, I had realized that how little did I know about my country and in one way, Goa again bolstered my desire to remain a wanderer for the rest of my life.

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