An Enchanting Day at Juhu Beach

The trip to Mumbai was coming to an end. We had visited so many amazing places in the city and the last visit we had kept it exclusively for the historic Juhu Beach. Juhu beach is called by some as the heart of Mumbai. It is the place where people in Mumbai come to enjoy the mild waves of the Arabian Sea. The beach is located in the suburbs of Mumbai with many elite areas of the city in its vicinity.

The beach has been showed in many Bollywood movies and as a result it has become an important landmark of Mumbai. We went to the beach to enjoy the sea. The place was thronged by thousands of visitors who had come to the beach to enjoy their evening. The place is a perfect location to click some good snaps and selfies with friends and families.

Juhu Beach Mumbai

Juhu Beach Mumbai | Image Resource :

The chowpatty and beach is famous for the street food of Mumbai ranging from bhel puri to pav bhaji and vada pav to chuski barf gola. This place is a paradise for the lovers of street food. India is the home to the best street food in the world. People from all walks of life come here to taste this food. One sad thing about these local food shops is that some of them hardly use the bins and there was mass littering in the place by tourists. The sea serves as the dustbin for them and most doesn’t seem to value the worth of this natural resource which is a lifeline for many people.

The place is a perfect location for the couples to have some time together and though swimming is not advised by me because the water was very filthy, there were many who were enjoying a swim in the area. The evenings at Juhu beach are very crowded and mornings are said to be pleasant. The trip to Mumbai came to an end with the visit and serene time spent at Juhu beach. We all were taking some lovely memories of the City of Dreams, Mumbai with us. We hope to visit this place sometimes again soon.

Juhu Beach

Juhu Beach | Image Resource :

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