Crawford Market: Age Old Market of Mumbai

After the wonderful trip to Sanjay Gandhi National park, we decided to visit the historic Crawford market of Mumbai. Crawford market is an important landmark of the city. It is located near the north of the Victoria terminus station.

The market was built in the 18th century and was named after the first municipal commissioner of Mumbai Arthur Crawford. The market is one of the premier places to buy wholesale goods in Mumbai. The name of the market was changed to Jyotiba Phule market but still the locales love to call it Crawford market even today.

Crawford Market

Crawford Market | Image Resource :

The market was full of chaos. It was no different than any random ‘sabzi’ market in our country. When we entered the market we saw various shops all clustered and mushroomed selling various items from spices to fruits and from vegetables to chocolates, etc. It looked like a large congregation of buyers and sellers with a lot of noise about quality of products being sold to bargain of prices happening.

The good thing about this market is that the fresh consignment of food and vegetables are brought in the market daily and sold to the sellers. Hence there were a large number of people from different walks of life who had come to buy these items.

Fruit Shop at Crawford Market

Fruit Shop at Crawford Market | Image Resource :

When we moved a little ahead of the area where food and vegetables were being sold, we saw that there is market for pets too and a large number of pet animals from birds to cats and from puppies to guinea pigs were being sold. These fancy animals were being sold for an expensive amount. I was confused whether these sale of animals are allowed or not.

The Crawford market no doubt has a brilliant architecture. Tourists who come to visit Mumbai always pay a visit there whether they need to buy anything or not. This market has a long history and there are countless bollywood movies too where this market has appeared. This market seems to be neglected in many ways too and it is asking for restoration. We clicked some amazing snaps here of the colourful scenes and shops inside the market.

The next place that we went was the Joggers park of Mumbai.

General Store

General Store | Image Resource :

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