Essel World: A Perfect Place for Those Seeking Thrill and Excitement

Essel World Entrance

Essel World Entrance | Image Resource :

The next place of our visit during the Mumbai trip was the famous Essel World. The Essel World is one of the best adventure and amusement park in the country. Every year the park is visited by millions of people from India. The park has been built on the patterns of other such parks internationally and in India it is one such park of this stature. The child in all of us came alive when we went to visit Essel World. Essel world is said to be the best place to be at while in Mumbai if you are an admirer of thrill and excitement.

The rides in the Essel World are of three categories. Adult Rides, Family ides and Kids’ rides. The park was thronged by hundreds of people when we went there and the excitement and thrill in everyone was clearly evident. There were various noises and the chatters and shots of both children and adults could be heard. The park serves as the perfect place where one can enjoy a good fun time with family or friends and return with loads of memories of the place.

Essel World Rides

Essel World Rides | Image Resource :

The first ride that we took while at Essel World was the Fuji Aqua dive. There were lot of people in queue for this ride and it was evident that it is one of the most sought after rides in the park. It is basically a roller coaster which speeds down a high steep into a pool of water leaving everyone drenched. The joy of sitting in that slide and getting drenched in the pool was a joy in itself.

Fuji Aqua Dive

Fuji Aqua Dive | Image Resource :

There were many other rides that all of us took and we realised that day that the child in all of us is still alive. We all may have grown up but inside the child is still there sleeping, it takes places and events like Essel World to wake that child up and get back to that age when everything seemed to be beautiful and life made a lot of sense. The trip to Essel World was a adventurous and fun filled.

TopSpin at EsselWorld

TopSpin at EsselWorld | Image Resource :

The next place of visit was the Sanjay Gandhi National Park.

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