National Centre for Performing Arts: A Cultural Centre Preserving the Indian Art

We had a wonderful evening spent at the historic Gateway of India. The next place that we all had visited was the National Centre for Performing Arts. The National centre of Performing Arts is a multipurpose cultural centre located in the city of Mumbai. The centre was built in the year 1986 with sole aim of promoting Indian music, dances, and arts. The centre is located at the prime location of Mumbai, Nariman point.

The cultural centre is also home to the Symphony Orchestra of India. The orchestra has played at various international shows and also played the 9th Symphony of Beethoven. The National centre of Performing Arts has five theatres within its premises and each is dedicated to a particular genre of art. Jamshed Bhabha theatre has marble stair cases and double level foyer. It is said to be one of the most extravagant theatre for musical performances or theatre dramas in whole of South Asia.

Similarly there is a Tata theatre with a seating capacity of more than 1000. This is the preferred theatre for classical events and western performances. The theatre has a brilliant revolving stage along with much state of the art modern technology.

National Centre for Performing Arts

National Centre for Performing Arts | Image Resource :

The ambience of a small scale venue and the thrill of a mega size arena can be felt at the Tata theatre. It was remarkable to see such a theatre dedicated solely for the preservation of Indian classical and traditional arts. I decided sometimes in lie if I get the opportunity and time off from daily life i will certainly visit this venue to witness any classical music event.

The Primal art gallery of the Centre was very fascinating and the library had facility for both Reading and listening. There is a studio which there for the archival documentation of drama, arts and music.

There are many classical artists like MS Subbulaxmi and Birju Maharaj who have performed in this theatre. Many renowned foreign orchestras have also performed here. It was great time to visit this centre of performing arts. The next place that we went to visit was the Siddhivinayak Temple.

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