Gateway of India: The Crown of Mumbai

After having lunch at our hotel we were ready to go out to experience the life of the city of Dreams. The first place that we decided to visit was the Gateway of India. Gateway of India is one such monument that we have seen countless times on television, movies and news channels but I had never had the experience of visiting the place personally. I was happy that today finally came the time when I saw this architectural marvel from up close.

Gateway of India is one of the most important landmarks of the city and is located at the Southern most corner of Mumbai. It is an architectural wonder not only of Mumbai but of the whole country. The place serves as the starting point of any tourist who wants to learn about the heritage and history of the city of Mumbai. The place is reminiscent of our colonial past and the sacrifices of the thousands of freedom fighters who sacrificed their life for our country.

Gateway of India

Gateway of India | Image Resource :

The history of Gateway of India is very interesting. It was built in 1924 to celebrate the arrival of King George and Queen Mary to India. This very structure that was built to commemorate the visit of British monarchs also was the place where the last of British troops left India when our nation became independent. The structure of the building is made up of yellow basalt stones and is a fine example of the Indo-Sarcenic architecture.

We spent a great evening at the Gateway of India. The Arabian Sea and its shores seemed to have welcomed every tourist who has come to visit Mumbai. The boating ride near the Gateway adds much more excitement and pleasure. The place is a perfect location to click some great pictures from Mumbai.

Gateway of India at Night

Gateway of India at Night | Image Resource :

The historic Taj hotel is also visible from the Gateway of India. The place is also a grim remind of the deadly 26/11 attacks and the bravery and sacrifice of our NSG commandos who put the life of Mumbai back to track.

After having a wonderful time at Gateway of India, the next place we went to visit was the National centre for Performing Arts.

Taj Hotel Mumbai

Taj Hotel Mumbai | Image Resource :

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