Chandaka Elephant Sanctuary Bhubaneswar – The Amazing Experience to Cherish In Among the Forest

This is our second day in Bhubaneswar and though we were necessarily not on a wildlife holiday, we decided to mix our trip with some adventure. Truly speaking, we soaked up the impressive views and architecture offered by the city. Considered one of the best among sanctuaries, the Chandaka Elephant Sanctuary offered the best attractions for the weekend escapes.

Chandaka Elephant Sanctuary Bhubaneswar

Chandaka Elephant Sanctuary Bhubaneswar | Image Resource :

The sanctuary is located in the outskirts bordering Cuttack and Khurda districts. We started off immediately as we had to travel approximately twenty kilometers to reach the place. But then, we had to have lunch and so stopped at a wayside restaurant that offered Odia delectable. Thankfully most of the restaurants are vegetarian here and offered rice with vegetable dishes.

Map of Chandaka Elephant Sanctuary Bhubaneswar

Map of Chandaka Elephant Sanctuary Bhubaneswar | Image Resource :

In the net half an hour, we reached the place and got the entry tickets paying Rs.60 for three tickets of Rs.20 each. The climate over here looked tropical making us feel the heat. The area is spread over a vast 200 kilometers and is home to many common and some rare species of animals.

The biodiversity in its full is treasured here. Furthermore, the park is a reserve for elephants initiated in 1982. Since then, the park has conserved and revived a lot of species of animals and natural vegetation.

Elephant in Chandaka Elephant Sanctuary

Elephant in Chandaka Elephant Sanctuary | Image Resource :

We trailed through the forests and looked exuberant for all those natural environments around. The place was rich in vegetation with a range of fully evergreen and semi evergreen forests, coastal sal forests, kangada forests and tea and scrubs. We also enjoyed a rendezvous with many species of mammals, reptiles and birds.

We shrilled with excitement seeing a barking deer. The elephants looked mammoth while leopard and chital were terrifyingly beautiful with sparkling eyes. The other animals of our interests are langur, hyena, and Rhesus monkey, wolf and sloth bear. We could not spot Mugger crocodiles too in large water bodies. Though a reserve for elephants the place is believed to be not enough for the tuskers. I was told that a herd of elephants many times went out of the sanctuary and returned back. Nevertheless, this is looked into by the conservationists.

Peacock in Chandaka Elephant Sanctuary

Peacock in Chandaka Elephant Sanctuary | Image Resource :

It was getting late and we had to move on for we had to cover a lot.

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