My Train Travel from Secunderabad Junction to Bhubaneswar by Falakunama Express – A Time to Cherish Forever

Hello, I am Afreen Shaikh and am yet again sharing with you my experience I have recently with my trip to Bhubaneswar. Life of an account executive is sometimes boring and monotonous, if not for any break. I love to see places enriched with history and I travel to such places with my family or friends. This time planned to visit Bhubaneswar with two of my friends.

Though the destination was a surprise suggestion by my friend, for certain reasons, I loved to travel to Bhubaneswar for its beauty and architecture in structures and environment of the place. No sooner the tickets were booked than we were off to the station and my train travel from Secunderabad junction (SC) to Bhubaneswar (BBS) by Falakunama Express started.

Falakunama Express

Falakunama Express | Image Resource :

We had our travel booked through Orissa travel packages booked through a reliable website, which offered discounts for a budget traveler like me. The train departed from the station at 4 pm, exactly as per the schedule.

The second-class AC in the train offered enough comforts. We were thrilled for we will be together for a week, which otherwise is not possible in a busy schedule. We talked about a lot of things until the train halted in Guntur Junction. Before we reached Vijayawada, we had our dinner, paratha and sabji, which my mother affectionately packed for us.

By then, we felt quite tired and went to sleep. Despite the limited comforts and disturbance by a traveler boarding at Visakhapatnam, I slept well. The morning was quite pleasant and I woke up bit late for the train is scheduled to reach Bhubaneswar only at 10.45.

On reaching Khurda Road junction, we got ready as the next station is Bhubaneswar. My train travel by Falakunama Express from Secunderabad junction (SC) to Bhubaneswar (BBS) was quite relaxing. After a long time, we had a journey together, where we shared our experience and ideas of life and work.

In the next twenty minutes, we were at the Bhubaneswar railway station looking for our cab, which was arranged by the Hotel Excellency, situated at the distance of one kilometer from the station.

Bhubaneswar Railway Station

Bhubaneswar Railway Station | Image Resource :

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