Mathur Aqueduct Kanyakumari – Getaway with Nature

Mathur Aqueduct

Mathur Aqueduct | Image Resource : |

With many places to visit and experience, there is a lot to recommend Kanyakumari. I started my journey next day to Mathur Aqueduct, which is located in the southern part of India. This aqueduct is one of the largest and highest in southern Asia and a great tourist spot. It is built across the Pahrali River, which is a small river in Mahendragiri hills. With concrete structure held up to 28 pillars, it shows the view all around the city. With both natural views and modern city show, Mathur Aqueduct (hanging bridge) Kanyakumari is a popular tourists spot. Since it became such a huge tourist place, the tourism department of Kanyakumari and the local panchayat have agreed to take good care of this place. They have improved the facility for the tourists and developed some new safety measures.

Mathur Aqueduct Kanyakumari

Mathur Aqueduct Kanyakumari | Image Resource :

From the centre of the Aqueduct, one can completely glance at the rich Western Ghats. It is also becoming centre for the birdwatchers, as with this height they can easily look for their favourite birds. As a nature lover, I was falling for this place. Hours could have passed by and yet I wanted to see more. With rolling hills of the Western Ghats in the background and the meandering Pahravali River, it added more serene show. The vast greenery at the Western Ghats amazed me completely.

Side View of Mathur Aqueduct

Side View of Mathur Aqueduct | Image Resource :

This Mathur Aqueduct (hanging bridge) Kanyakumari was about only sixty kilometres away from the enormous city of the Trivandrum, which is the capital city of Kerala state. I hired a rickshaw for reaching the hanging bridge. The charges were very minimal and I reached their easily. I could only think of the beauty created by God. Astonishingly, natural beauty was personified.

View from Mathur Aqueduct

View from Mathur Aqueduct | Image Resource :

I walked for some time and took a rest. The coconut trees were clashing against each other during the evening breeze. It was completely a magical moment for me. After the great show, it was time to return to my hotel before all the transportation gets lost in the darkness of the night. I took a cab this time and reached my hotel. I could only think about my splendid day. It was the end of my visit to Mathur Aqueduct.  I have a few more places to visit and the next place is Sothavilai Beach.

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