Pechiparai Reservoir Kanyakumari – The One-Stop Place for Enjoying Scenic Beauty

Pechiparai Reservoir Kanyakumari was the new destination point for me. Formed by the construction of the Pechiparai dam, this reservoir was surrounded by the greenery of Western Ghats. The sheer beauty of this place and the calmness power in the winds was completely breath taking experience. In addition the woods nearby also added the grace to Pechiparai reservoir. This water reservoir is used for both irrigational facilities and drinking purpose. The rich wildlife in the forest was also amazing as I could easily hear the thumping of elephants. I also saw the Kanikars (small tribe that dwell near the lake). It was the best time for me to mingle with Mother Nature.

Pechiparai Reservoir Kanyakumari

Pechiparai Reservoir Kanyakumari | Image Resource :

The dams surrounded by the hills of Western Ghats created epic scenic beauty. The comforting sounds of birds and the winds passing through just made my day delightful. The area was mostly covered with coconut trees, which created their own music when they were force fully brushed against each other by strong winds. As Kanyakumari is located at the tip of the Indian peninsula, it always had a pleasant weather to offer. Tourists enjoyed this place for its wildlife options and the comforting atmosphere. This awesome tourists spot did entertain me very well. After a while, I opted for boating. I could see the shadow of over flying birds in the clear water. Because the entire area is dependent on this reservoir for watering facility, the water is being depleted.

Pechiparai Dam

Pechiparai Dam | Image Resource :

After all the enjoyment, I went to eat something. It was easy to find the local shops for the food, but there was no restaurant to eat a proper meal. This place was worth spending the whole day and even the whole day was not enough to observe the creation of almighty. I ended my tour at Pechiparai Reservoir Kanyakumari and headed to my hotel for some rest. I did enjoy the place and made my mind to visit this again some time again. After this journey it was time to meet visit the Mathur Aqueduct (hanging bridge) in Kanyakumari, which is situated in the southern part of the place.

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