Sothavilai Beach Kanyakumari – Nature Shows Its Beauty Here

The most promising beach of India was waiting for me. I heard so much about the Sothavilai Beach Kanyakumari but never got the chance to see it before. Stretching over more than four kilometres of area, this beach surely had everything which can take my heart away. Also known as the Chotavilai Beach, it has an endless aqua blue sea. I was early at the beach to see the sun rising from the depth of the sea. Science says that sun neither rise up nor goes down it is just our Earth rotating, but watching the glorious run rising from far away in the ocean with bits of cloud in the air and the sound of birds chirruping made me feel that I am walking in some fairy tale story. I haven’t seen something that beautiful and elegant ever.

To watch this heavenly beach I was fully prepared to spend at least a full day. I took a satchel with me carrying a bottle of water with some sandwiches. With some small rocks in the front, water was smashing all the way through. It was an amazing experience. During the day when temperature rose up, it did feel hot, but the cold breeze from the water body was very comforting.

Sothavilai Beach Kanyakumari

Sothavilai Beach Kanyakumari | Image Resource :

After walking for a while, I took a detour and went to fulfil my hunger. After my lunch, I got to know the reason why people praise the South Indian dishes. The spices were very perfectly complementing the epic beauty of the place. India is indeed the spice king of the world. I started with my journey again and with extra energy this time. The large trees were moving sideways by the incredible wind during evening. The sun was about to set. It created an atmosphere like angels where coming down to earth. Orange and yellow mixture was glazing in the whole sky making a divine atmosphere.

After my fabulous day at Sothavilai beach Kanyakumari, it was time for me to go back to my hotel. One journey ends and another begins. After this I was going to see the divine presence of Nagaraja temple in Nagercoil.

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