Goan Fish Curry – A Tantalizing Dish

It was lunch time and I was murmuring several names of different dishes checking the menu at the restaurant. Suddenly my eyes paused at Goan fish curry. Yes, I had heard a lot about it from my friends who had visited Goa earlier. I decided to try Goan fish curry and placed an order for it. Meanwhile, I went through the other items in the menu. Being a non-vegetarian, I was paying much attention to the non-vegetarian section. There were a few more dishes such as Kismur, Fish suke, etc. It had been 20 minutes and I had not received my order. I got a bit irritated at that time. But as soon as I tasted the items ordered, all the irritation and annoyance got washed away in the tangy. The sour taste of Goan fish curry was awesome. The dish was heavenly delicious and it was so amazing that I could not control my desire to learn to cook it. I told the waiter that I wanted to meet the chef who cooked it. I met the chef Jack Samson after finishing my curry and appreciated his great work. I expressed my desire to learn to cook this dish to which he happily agreed and we moved to the kitchen.

Goan Fish Curry

Goan Fish Curry | Image Resource : masalaherb.com

He told me that the fish curry is called “Xitt codi” in Goan language and the Goan food is incomplete without fish curry. It is a staple diet for a Goans across the globe. Then he told me the recipe. I remember that to prepare the item, one needed Kashmiri chillies, scrapped coconut, ginger, tamarind, garlic, pepper corn, coriander and other basic spices. It took 10 minutes for preparation of the ingredients and approximately 25 minutes to cook.

As he said he had to grind the spices mentioned above in a mixer with little water. Instead of adding water you can add coconut milk to make it rich, but he made this fish curry by adding water, to make it thick enough as per choice. Then he added some salt and slit the Green Chilly and removed seeds as per spice requirement. Once the entire mixture started boiling, he added the fish to it. Along with the fish, he further added some cut pieces of raw mango to give it that nice tangy flavour. He cooked it till the fish became edible. I was seriously amazed at the fact that such a tasty Goan fish curry could be prepared in such a short period of time.

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