Lal Mahal Pune – Influencing and Inspiring in All Aspects

Yesterday my visit to Pataleshwar cave temples had proved to be relaxing experience and today I was in a mood to visit Lal Mahal, which is located in Pune. It is one of the most famous and popular monuments in Pune. The monument was made in honour of Shahaji Bhonsle’s wife Jijabai and their son Shivaji. The original Lal Mahal had earlier fallen into ruins and now the monument is again recreated and is located in the middle of the Pune. The original one was made with the intention of rejuvenating the arrival of Shivaji with his mother and Dadoji Kondev in the recently razed city. Through the local people I got to know that the Lal Mahal was not rebuilt as the old one and that no one knew the exact location of the old Lal Mahal, which was destroyed in late 17th century.

Lal Mahal

Lal Mahal | Image Resource :

Construction was completed in 1988.Shivaji was brought up at Lal Mahal and stayed there till he had captured Torna in the year 1645. The main attractions is the four umbrellas on the roof. A set of pictorial collection of Both Shivaji and her mother is present there to show the activities performed by them that is plowing of land with a golden plough, etc. A garden named Jija Matha Garden is also present in the palace which adds to the beauty of the old monument. The garden has now been converted into a children’s park. Many types of swords, guns and ammunition that were used those days are also displayed in the Lal Mahal. It is one of the monuments which is solely dedicated to Shivaji Maharaja’s life.

Lal Mahal Pune

Lal Mahal Pune | Image Resource :

I was influenced by the popularity of the Lal Mahal of Pune that I could hardly wait to visit the place. It proved to be an amazing place where I could spend my time by seeing the gallery of paintings that truly narrates the story of young Shivaji with his mother and also statues, which has been made in remembrance of Shivaji. The experience proved to be a scintillating and inspiring one. One could never forget such a place. With the visit to Lal Mahal Pune I started planning my next journey, which would provide me some knowledge about Hindu temples.

Lal Mahal Statue

Lal Mahal Statue | Image Resource :

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