Admiring Architecture of Pataleshwar Caves Pune

Though I love my job as an account executive, the pressure does get to me and then I simply freak out. My method of relaxation is very simple; just get the hell out of my city to travel because this is one sure way of getting back to normal. This day I had decided to visit the Pataleshwar caves, which are located in Pune in Maharashtra, India. It is also called as Bamburde or Panchaleshwara temple. This cave temple carved out of rocks was built in the 18th century during the Rashtrakuta period.

Pataleshwar Caves Pune

Pataleshwar Caves Pune | Image Resource :

Originally, it was situated outside the city but then due to the advancement of city limits it has now been incorporated inside the city. At present this rock cut temple is located on the Jangli Maharaj Road. The government of India has declared it as a heritage site and hence a protected monument. The Pataleshwar caves temples are built with the help of basalt rocks and is dedicated to lord Shiva, the famous Hindu god. After entering it I saw a huge Banyan tree which provided the much needed shade during this heated day.

On the right side was a small pond, obviously man made and on the walls were pictures of beautiful palkis being carried by men. The inner sanctum of the temple is a room which is cubicle shaped and inside it houses the main shrine with a Shivling or a Linga, which is the universal symbol of lord Shiva. A Nandi Mandapa, circular in shape is built in the front and hasa canopy, which is umbrella in shape, is supported by square shaped huge pillars.

Pataleshwar Cave Temple

Pataleshwar Cave Temple | Image Resource :

The construction of the temple was not completed and left incomplete because of some fault line at the back of the inner sanctum as it made any type of sculpting unsafe.  At present yogurt and ghee and bel-patra anoint this Augustus Shivling. A bell made of brass still hangs outside this temple gateway. Visiting this beautiful Pataleshwar cave temple has proved to be very relaxing. One cannot but help to admire the architecture and detailed planning, which went in every construction. These heritage monuments are simply a gift and a blessing to us.

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