Lohagad Fort Pune – Good for First Trekking

My upbringing is done in a middle-class family with middle-class values. I mean that like any other girl I have also spent a very safe and secured childhood. Since I was not as mischievous as a child I haven’t participated in anything reckless. But now when I am grown up and working, my interests in getting involved into some adventurous things have increased. So when during our Pune trip I came to know about Lohagad fort Pune, I decided to go there for trekking. But now my parents were not as excited about the idea as they have problems in climbing up steep roads. Thus, I decided to go there by myself.

Our hotel also made arrangements for the sightseeing for the guests and thus, I came to know that a group was going to visit this fort. I immediately decided to join the group and go there. Though my mom was a bit sceptical about me going there with an unknown group, but convincing her was not a tough task to accomplish.

Greenery at Lohagad Fort Pune

Greenery at Lohagad Fort Pune | Image Resource : commons.wikimedia.org

So I was all set to go on my trekking trip. It was really nice going there. Our group has to cross a village called “Bhaje” to reach the fort and on the way we encountered some caves. The walk was definitely a lengthy one but it was fun actually. And a little drizzle made the experience even more enjoyable. My light weight shoes were a great relief as I knew the tiring walk would need a comfortable dress and footwear. A girl of around my age was also there with her friends and was sporting a heeled shoe. I don’t know why some people doesnot wear the attire according to the occasion. For this girl made a ruckus blabbering about her pained feet.

The lush-green and the picturesque beauty of the Lohagad Fort Pune situated on the Sahyadris is something you cannot afford to miss. The whole trekking experience is a memory to be treasured. Lohagad dissects the basins of Indryani and Pavna and provides beautiful species of birds and insects, which proves good for wildlife photography.

View of Valley from Lohagad Fort

View of Valley from Lohagad Fort | Image Resource : flickr.com

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