Saras Baug Pune – Jai Shri Siddhi Vinayak

Sometimes when you feel too much pressure due to work load or any other personal problems, sitting quietly at some serene and peaceful place will relax your mind and rejuvenate the positive energy in you to face the situations. I have observed the quiet ambience of a temple or any religious place and its surrounding premises can do this very well. With different religious places in Pune, I was sure I would take my mom and dad to Saras Baug Pune to give them a calm evening as a present. One of my friends in my college whose hometown is Pune once told me to visit the Saras Baug Ganapati temple, which is a famous temple. So having that information in my mind I went to the temple along with my parents.

Saras Baug Pune

Saras Baug Pune | Image Resource :

Saras Baug as the name suggests is a park with vast lawns, Fountain Lake and a Ganesha temple. The park was crowded as we visited on a weekend when kids with their parents too came there. The jogging tracks and the lawns were busy and utilised for evening walks by the men and women, who came here with their partners or friends. It was really enjoyable to behold little kids playing around with freebies or running around after one another, though it was a matter of tension for their parents who always had to be alert; otherwise, their kids might hurt themselves.

Saras Baug Ganesha

Saras Baug Ganesha | Image Resource :

The Ganesha temple also encounters crowds of devotees every day. My mom befriended a lady there who informed that the crowd grows even larger during Ganesh Chaturthi or any other pious occasion. I am tolerant towards all the religions and among the large number of Hindu gods and goddesses I find Lord Ganesha very cute and adorable. Though it may sound funny to the readers, but indeed it is a true fact. The elephant headed God with his healthy and round avatar indeed looks very cute.

Saras Baug

Saras Baug | Image Resource :

Our visit to the Saras Baug Pune was a nice experience as we spent the evening in a serene atmosphere. After this calm and bordered place it was time for some adventure as I decided our next point of attraction to be Lohagad Fort Pune.

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