Hebbal Lake Bangalore – Beautiful Home to Angelic Birds and Many Other Species

Holding my camera tight and rising early in morning, we moved to Hebbal Lake Bangalore in a car. This natural lake is located in Northern Bangalore at the junction of Outer Ring road and Bellary road and is one among the three lakes founded by Kempe Gowda in 1537. Taking entry ticket for rupees 10, we moved in the most beautiful lake of Bangalore, which covered 150 acres of area. It is a seasonal lake, which is filled by rain during the monsoon and gets dry invariably during summer.

Hebbal Lake Bangalore

Hebbal Lake Bangalore | Image Resource : bangalorecaptured.com

Morning breeze blowing through this beautiful Hebbal Lake felt very calming and enchanting. Though not an expert photographer, I left no opportunity in taking pictures of the scenic beauty as well as of the large number of birds I was seeing on my way. Hebbel Lake is well-known for its park, bird watching and boating facility. Over 70 species of birds, including 40 species from the regions of Himalayas and Central Asia, can be seen here. I shot a picture of the breathtaking landscape view of the lake, which I have framed and hanged in my house. To capture the beauty of this place I reached here on time. I took many shots of sunrise and soon the place was visible enough as the light spread by sun reached and kissed the place. The first bird I saw was beautiful purple coloured rumbed sunbird pecking flowers.

Hebbal Lake

Hebbal Lake | Image Resource : picsblr.in

Birds at Hebbal Lake Bangalore

Birds at Hebbal Lake Bangalore | Image Resource : raxacollective.wordpress.com

The sound of many spotted-billed pelicans at Hebbel Lake made me smile.  I ran close to see a lovely pair of red whiskered bulbuls sitting and singing, which was so romantic. On the same tree I saw a great tit moving somewhere fast. Hearing a call from behind I turned to see Ashy Prinia with spread tail looking like a queen and calling me. I smiled and took as many pictures as I could. The lake was habitat of Marsh Harrier birds, which use it to find their prey in it. Brahminy Kite, common myna, cautious grey heron, dancing purple moorhen, white little egret, yellow billed babbler, booted warbler, and pond herons were also found there and they looked amazing.

Hebbal Lake Bangalore is a must-visit place for photographers and bird watchers. The sounds of bird chirping, scenic view of sunrise, buzzing sounds of bees and picturesque flowers with insects made me feel like in heaven.

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