Maha Bodhi Society Temple Bangalore – Paving New Ways for Mankind

Nestled in the peaceful corner of Gandhinagar is the Maha Bodhi Society Temple Bangalore, which imparts learning and wisdom of Lord Buddha. Built in the year of 1956 the Buddhist temple draws a large number of people from diverse community and interests. This is also an institution that teaches the spiritual and inspirational path to the followers of Buddhism and bringing those teachings into action in their regular lives. The educational and social activities that are held in the organization are related to the teachings of Lord Buddha. The temple is festooned with vivid paintings, which depict the demons and gods of Tibetan Buddhist legends.

Maha Bodhi Society Temple Bangalore

Maha Bodhi Society Temple Bangalore | Image Resource :

As soon as we stepped inside the temple it seemed as we had come far from the hustle and bustle of the city. This was giving me morale of maintaining peace inside within the chaotic situations of the life. The spiritual ambience and the oriental charm of the temple are reflecting its serenity amidst the busy cosmopolitan life of the city. Several dragon pattern and lions picketing the gates are some of the traditional and architectural features of the temple. In the centre of the premises there is a gigantic statue of Lord Buddha, which portrays the serenity within him and the same message is imparted to the society by him. The main hall has the accommodation capacity of 800 people who come here to attend the sessions of meditation and speeches. A community hall is there to organize various artistic and cultural programs, including study activities and seminars. Every aspect of enlightenment is taught in the meditation technique while attending the sessions of meditation.

Lord Buddha

Lord Buddha | Image Resource :

To add more teachings and techniques the organization invites senior Lamas to attend the seminars and sessions for teaching the Buddhist path. Today, in this violent world, the morale of compassion and kindness is imparted by the teachings of Lord Buddha to various societies of the world. Buddhism has spread strong message of harmony and mankind to the globe through the establishment of enormous monasteries for nuns and monks, meditation centers, hospitals, etc. The Maha Bodhi Society Temple Bangalore is rejuvenating the society with innovative tools of teachings with the strong base of Buddhism.

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