Bangalore Palace – The Notable Establishment of Wodeyar Dynasty

We had our next stop at the Bangalore Palace, which was established in 1887. Adorned with superlative woodcarvings, the Tudor style architecture inside the palace is simply hypnotic and attracted a lot of tourists, who were taken back by the allure and splendor of the building. The building is modeled on the Windsor Castle of London. When the king of Wodeyar Dynasty visited London on one of his England trips, he was inspired by the architectural style of Windsor Castle of London and built this gigantic mansion. Well-Designed towers, ramparts and steeple, Gothic windows and other several splendid features of the palace succeeded in drawing a large number of tourists every year.

Bangalore Palace

Bangalore Palace | Image Resource :

The marvelous paintings and artworks of the craftsman boast distinct and unbeatable characteristics of the palace. Various concerts, exhibitions and cultural programs that are held in Bangalore are organized in the premises of the palace. The colossal open square in the ground floor is well-decorated with luminous blue ceramic overlay, especially the seats. There is a ball room in the courtyard, which was used for parties by the king. The Durbar Hall is situated on the first floor. As we moved up the floors we could feel the dignity and royalty of the kings and their lifestyles. The Durbar Hall was generally used to hold assembly with the general masses.

Bangalore Palace Interior

Bangalore Palace Interior | Image Resource :

Escalating on the hall there is a massive elephant head, and the walls are decorated with fine paintings and the windows consist of stain glass that adds elegance in the hall. The hall is highlighted with yellow color, which makes the hall brighter. We saw a shroud in the hall at the back, where the royal ladies used to sit and witness the assembly proceedings that used to happen in the hall by the king. Raja Ravi Verma was a renowned artist in the palace at that period whose paintings are also displayed in the hall. Sir Mirza Ismail, whose dining table is the other attraction of the Bangalore Palace, was the Diwan of Mysore. I was thrilled after experiencing the journey of royalty and dignity and wanted to see more places of Bangalore, including a temple for our next destination.

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