Cubbon Park Bangalore – The Place of Peace and Solitude

Bangalore, which is also called ‘Garden City’, is reflective after coming to Cubbon Park. The expanse and the unlimited species of the plants and flowers are never seen before. The park has been named after the viceroy of India, Sir Mark Cubbon, who established this park in the year 1864. This park, which is exactly one and a half centuries old, is located in the heart of the city and is spread in the area of nearly 250 acres. It is the perfect eco-friendly destination for the regular walkers and joggers. I decided to spend some time for relaxing at this serene park. After the tiresome flight, my visit to this park energized me.

Cubbon Park Bangalore

Cubbon Park Bangalore | Image Resource :

The park is just the place to be for the people or tourists who want to have some time of bliss and solitude. The distinct features of the park include Doll Museum, children’s amusement park, etc. Children’s films and stage shows are screened in The Vijayranga Theater. I was thrilled to explore the beauty of the mansions. The park also houses a toy train, which is a common activity among the small children. In the evening the description of the park is beyond the words when the fairy fountains are lit with enchanting and bright lights. The rare and unique feature inside the premises of the park is that it houses some of the most major Government mansions of the Public Library, the High Court, the Government Museum and the other building like Cheshire Dyer Memorial Hall and a few others. Our excitement was on the unknown height as we were getting inside the park and witnessing the unseen species of the plants and flowers.

Cubbon Park

Cubbon Park | Image Resource :

The natural musicians, the birds, revived our spirits with tranquility and inner peace. The Rose Garden with lovely roses is simply breathtaking. Vibrant and colorful butterflies were wandering around to sip the nectar of the beautiful roses. The experience could not be expressed in words. It was totally an excellent break from my monotonous schedule visiting the place like Cubbon Park, Bangalore and other destinations that were on the way after the park.

Birds in Cubbon Park Bangalore

Birds of Cubbon Park Bangalore | Image Resource :

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