Arvalem Waterfalls Goa – Gives a Sense of Sagacity with Tranquility

After having fun in the middle of some amazing wildlife in the Cotigao Sanctuary, I headed to one of the most adventurous spots in Goa. Situated in the distance of 2 km from Sanquelim, a small town, Arvalem Waterfalls Goa is one of the awesome spots near North Goa. I was enjoying every moment of my stay in Goa and the visit to the waterfalls charged me up again. I was extremely excited after reaching the waterfalls because I got the chance to travel to my dream destination. It was a gift out of bombshell.

After exploring several places of Goa, I was in the mood of picnicking near the waterfall, which was simply breathtaking. First of all, I had a prayer in the Rudreshwar temple and came to know about its importance for the world of Hindus. The most astonishing feature was the fascinating view of the waterfalls when I stepped outside the temple and went down the staircase. While descending, one can easily capture the zoomed snapshot of the waterfall with its exuberant dazzling showers, which is simply tempting. The waterfall breaks into the lake from a 24-foot height and that lake attracts lot of tourists to swim or have an energetic bath under the speedy shower. I also saw enormous fruit trees laden beside the waterfall and beholding its beauty.

Arvalem Waterfalls Goa
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Visiting this site after monsoon is much more enjoyable as the site becomes ravishing, rapturous and unruly in every aspect. I also got the opportunity to observe the shooting of a film near the ancient caves situated in the vicinity. The caves add antiquity to the environment. I learnt from an inhabitant that the place is very popular among many famous filmmakers. Beside the caves, there is a park from where a relishing and blissful sight of the waterfall can be cherished.By that time I was somehow familiar with the people of Goa and had build up a friendly relation with them. It was they who gave me the meticulous idea of the different array of places in Goa and I had a wonderful time in the Arvelam Waterfalls, Goa. And then it was time to move ahead for a renowned museum.

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