Naval Aviation Museum Goa – Made Me Bow down to India’s Glory

While the flea market is located at the Anjuna beach, the Naval Aviation Museum is in the Vasco da Gama town, and the distance between the two is 12 kilometres. I reached there in 15 minutes. First, I went to a nearby restaurant to buy some chips as I was feeling a little hungry. After finishing the chips, I bought tickets for the Naval Aviation Museum and entered the place.

naval aviation museum goa

Naval Aviation Museum Goa | Image Resource :

The museum was a less crowded place when compared to other Goan places. It exhibits the activities and items, which represent the growth of the wing of the Indian Naval force over the years. The museum consists of two sections and they are the outdoor exhibits and the indoor exhibits. The outdoor exhibit space displayed various decommissioned aircraft along with their names and engines under a shade. The Short Sealand, Fairy Firefly, Hal ht-2, Hawker Sew Hawk, and Westland Sea King are some of the war birds displayed there. There were nearly 13 aircraft displayed in the outdoor section.


Naval Aviation Museum | Image Resource :

In the indoor section, the visitors can learn about key battles. It is divided into many rooms having different themes, which display military weapons inside ships and submarines. I also saw the ‘attire’ which showed the series of uniforms used by the officers of the Indian naval forces for several decades. I could also find many vintage and rarely seen documents and photographs depicting some vital periods in the history of Naval Aviation from the year 1959. One gallery holds huge replicas of the famous INS Viraat and INS Vikrant. A second gallery holds different kinds of bombs, torpedos, cannons and sensors utilized by the naval officers of India.

The Naval Aviation Museum is a glorious tribute to the origin and evolution of the Indian Naval Wing. I was feeling proud to be a citizen of such a great country, which has seen some really brave officers sacrificing their lives. The Naval Aviation Museum was so impressive that I could actually feel those aircraft flying and fighting to preserve us. With a heavy heart, I left for my next destination, which was the Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary. I was dying to visit the place for a long time as I am a big fan of wildlife.

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