Bus travel from Hyderabad to Goa by Kesineni Travels – An Enjoyable Journey

The job of an account executive can get boring at times. On such occasions, it is important to go for a trip. I love to travel a lot. It can be with my friends or my family. The trip to Goa was something that I had longed for some time. I left during the Christmas holidays for Goa. I had to travel alone as most of my friends had some other plans and couldn’t accompany me. The bus travel from Hyderabad to Goa by Kesineni Travels was a memorable one. I had a good time during the whole journey. It was a weekend when I started for my trip. The preparations were done in advance. I opted for the Kesineni Travel as it is one of the most popular travel agencies around.

Kesineni Travels

Kesineni Travels | Image Resource : kesinenitravels.com

Our bus was a relatively new one. The air-conditioned bus was very comfortable to travel in. The interiors and seats of the bus were of very high standards. There was a giant television on the bus for the entertainment of the tourists. I started in the evening. It was after quite some time that I was travelling on such a comfortable bus with the amazing view of the countryside. I had so much to share but felt a bit sad after realizing that I was travelling alone. The highway was in very good condition and the bus travelled quickly. The driver was an experienced person and was very much reliable.

I was very much excited with the trip. I made friends with some of my co-passengers. They were also on vacation. This was the ideal time to visit Goa. As there is a sizeable population of Christians in the state, the Christmas was celebrated with much pomp and show. A lot of foreign tourists also visited Goa during this period. The bus stopped at a place halfway through the journey. I grabbed a bite from the roadside eatery. The bus travel from Hyderabad to Goa by Kesineni Travels came to an end soon after. I went to my holiday resort from the bus stand. It was already night and so I decided to retire for the day as per planned. The journey promised to be a great one.

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