Kaliadeh Palace, Ujjain – A Palace on an Island in the River Shipra

Kaliadeh Palace Ujjain

Kaliadeh Palace Ujjain | Image Resource : panoramio.com

This was my last day in Ujjain and I was already feeling a bit down as my trip was finally coming to an end. It had been a fantastic trip, I reflected as the driver took me to yet another destination in Ujjain, which was famous for its holy Kund called the Surya Kund. My next sightseeing spot was Kaliadeh Palace, Ujjain, which I was told was built in 1458 AD. As most places in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, the palace was also restored to a better condition by the efforts of Late Madhav Rao Scindia.

Standing tall as an imposing structure, the palace may have seen better days but nevertheless with the history that it carries on its shoulders makes it one of the must-see destinations of Ujjain. I gathered that it had been built by the Sultans of Mandu. However, the Pindaris destroyed and demolished most of it. There is a stunning background that is created by the various man-made channels and tanks that has the waters of Shipra River gushing through; against such a backdrop the palace looks extremely beautiful. There are inscriptions by the way of proof in the palace that speaks of the visits of Akbar and Jahangir in the palace, which adds to the historical value of the place. The religious significance of the place lay in its Surya Kund, which the Hindus consider most sacred.

Kaliadeh Palace

Kaliadeh Palace | Image Resource : ujjaindarshan.com

I could spend a little time in Kaliadeh Palace, Ujjain as I had to catch my train back to Hyderabad, but the sights and sounds of every place in Ujjain was captured both in my camera and in my memories. I have several stories to tell to my family and my friends and I am sure through my posts, they will interest them as much as they have interested me. Each day that I had spent in Ujjain was a chance for me to look deep in my soul and find my connection with the spirituality that existed here in this land of temples. I have been very fortunate to visit this place and would highly recommend all my fellow travelers to walk the same path.

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